Uk sponsorship visa job

uk visa sponsorship job

What is uk Sponsorship visa job?

■ As an employer, you may need to get a British sponsor for the businessman’s license if you want to employ a worker from outside England, European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland.

■ If your UK sponsorship license is accepted, you will receive a license (rank A) that is valid for 4 years, which will allow you to issue a sponsor certificate for suitable foreign employees.

■ Therefore, this visa is needed for those who want to provide for UK sponsorship visa job foreigners, including those who are looking for British work permits

How to apply for a uk sponsorship visa job

■ To apply for a uk Sponsorship visa Job, you must confirm your business feasibility

■ Choose the type of license you need (eg the type of worker you want to sponsor)

■ Appoint people to manage the sponsor process internally

■ Apply and pay related fees online, here

Note about the upcoming British immigration change for uk sponsorship visa job in

■ Entrepreneurs who want to sponsor non-UK visa sponsorship work after January 2021 must realize that British immigration-based Points will begin to take effect on that date, thus replacing the current British visa and the immigration system

■ Fundamental changes to business sponsors in the UK will also occur in the field of salary, costs, and skills requirements

■ Whereas under the current British visa and immigration sponsor system, you only need a sponsor license if you want to employ workers from outside the EEA and Switzerland, under the new system, you must obtain a sponsor license for employee employee citizens, EEA countries and countries. Also Switzerland

You must meet the requirements for the uk Sponsorhip visa job for the Entrepreneur License if:

■ You are determined to be reliable and in a good legal position by the British visa and immigration (UKVI), which will make decisions based on your application, additional material, and (in some cases) after visiting your business place

■ You have the required established system that is able to monitor the employees you sponsors

Who does not meet the requirements for Uk sponsorship visa job?

If you have been punished for certain crimes, especially those that have nothing to do with immigration violations and money laundering, fraud, and other crimes

What type of cos?

Prospective employers can apply for applications for licenses that include only one level or cover level 1 and level 5. In each of these two levels there are several sub-types, which are described below:

Tier 2: skilled workers who have offers for long -term jobs


■ The position must meet the requirements for the suitability of the work

Intra-company transfer:

■ Needed for multinational companies that want to move workers to the country


■ Needed for athletes and athletic figures based in the UK (including coaches)

Ministry of Religion:

■ Needed for those who want to remain in the UK for several years do not exceed 3 years as employees of religious organizations

Tier 5- Temporary skilled worker
Government Official Exchange:

Available for those involved in work experience up to 1 year, or up to two years of medical or scientific training (or training or other research projects); all to facilitate the diffusion of knowledge in a thick period

Religious Workers:

■ Needed for those involved in 1 year of pastoral and non-pastoral or/or sermon works

Charity workers:

■ What is needed for them is “employed” for up to 1 year without receiving a salary

Creative and Sports:

■ Needed for those who try to work for up to 2 years as an artist or entertainer, or up to 1 year as a sport

International Agreement:

■ Needed for those who arrive in the UK to be able to work in the category of work contained in international law, such as workers employed on behalf of foreign governments

Costs for uk Sponsorship visa job

■ Payment of the British License Work Permit will be requested during the work sponsor in the British application process

■ The price of sponsor for uk sponsorship visa job varies according to the type of license and sponsor size.

■ In general, medium or large (business) sponsors are one who employs more than 50 annual people and the annual turnover is 10.2 million or more

o Level 2

■ Costs for small sponsors or charity: £ 536

■ Costs for medium or large sponsors: £ 1,476

§ Tier 5

■ Costs for small sponsors or charity: £ 536

■ Costs for medium or large sponsors: £ 536

§ Tier 2 and Tier 5

■ Costs for small sponsors or charity: £ 536

■ Costs for medium or large sponsors: £ 1,476

§ Add your tier 2 tier 5

■ Costs for small sponsors or charity: FREE

■ Costs for medium or large sponsors: £ 940

§ Add tier 5 to your tier 2

■ Costs for small sponsors or charity: FREE

■ Costs for medium or large sponsors: free

The role of uk sponsorship visa job management

■ When you apply for a license application, you must appoint an individual internally who works in your business to oversee the sponsor process

■ These people will have access to the sponsor management system (SMS) to help them during this process

■ There are several roles of sponsor management, which can be held by different people or the same person.

The roles of sponsor management are:

Authorization Officer:

High -level people who oversee the actions of all those who use SMS, including representatives and other staff members

Key contact:

The person you pointed to as a person for the British visa sponsorship and Immigration (UKVI)

Level 1 user:

People who oversee daily license management via SMS

Level 2 user:

This is an optional role, which can be appointed after your license.

Although this user will also have access to SMS, access will be limited (eg more limited than level 1)

Conformity examination for CO visa

Conformity checks will be carried out on your employees (and you) to determine that you are “suitable” for the role of your sponsorship management.

You and your employees must be based in the UK for most of this year.

In general, all staff allocated you must be paid to office holders or staff members

You may not be approved for a license if someone in your team is in the role of sponsors (or your staff member):

Receive fines from UKVI (in the past year)

Is the subject of the report to UKVI

Receive criminal penalties (none)

Commit a crime

Not paying customs (including VAT)

Has a history of non -compliance with sponsor requirements

Has been identified as a key person in a sponsor that last year was revoked license

Become a contractor or consultant contracted for certain projects

Has submitted to the order of limiting bankruptcy or business, or orders to restrictions on debt or business

HR Agency Contractor and Staff

You must ensure that the employee of one person (minimum) level 1 person in your company

You can also use services that are expanded by third -party organizations (which give you human resource services through contracts) that employ level 1 or level 2 users

When it comes to your level 2 users, it can be sent by the agency as a temporary employee

In addition, you might want to employ legal representatives based in the UK to fulfill each and all roles of sponsor management, (with the exception of the role of authorization officers).

If you take this route, the representatives chosen by you must be certified to provide you with services and suggestions related to immigration

What documents are needed for uk sponsorship visa

If you are one of the following, you don’t have to provide supporting documents.

Companies registered at London Stock Exchange

Recognized by the British government as a public body (such as local authorities)

For everyone, the correct receipt of documents (both original or certified copies) is needed so that the Immigration Authority determines that you are a legal business entity and follow the process for the British visa sponsor work properly

List of additional documents

Failure to provide these documents in your application can cause doubt on your legitimacy and endanger your application. Your application can also be rejected if an error is made during the application process

If you are sure your application is rejected for one of the reasons above (and not just because you hate its rejection), you can apply for an error with your application

Certified copy (from documents)

Certification Copies of Original Documents can be carried out by the authority of the publisher, or lawyer, lawyer, or a functioning notary

It is necessary to include a declaration by a certificate stating that the document is actually an authentic copy of the correct document

On each page of the document, the certificate must enter the name and name of the company where he works (if applies) and the original signature

As long as the certificate has seen the original email message, he can declare the printing of the document contained in the email attachment

How to apply for a uk sponsorship visa

To apply for your uk sponsorship visa you must:

Apply online to sponsors for British visas, here

Print shipping sheet

Send the submission sheet and all supporting documents to there to the British Visa and Immigration (UKVI) at the following address: Sponsor Operations Casework

Sponsor application team

British visa and immigration

PO BOX 3468


S3 8WA

Immigration Suggestions: further assistance and guidance

Those who are looking for additional support from licensing managers can utilize premium customer service schemes, which are available at an annual fee of £ 8,000

For further assistance and guidance in all British work visa sponsors, please contact the sponsorship assistance channel, employer and education by calling: 0300 123 4699, Monday to Thursday, 10:00 to 3 pm

Or, you can send an email to if you are a level 1 investor or British business

License rating for work sponsors in the UK

A” ranking

What will you receive if your application is received

What allows you to start allocating a sponsor certificate

A-rated business is listed in the sponsor list

B” ranking

What ranks will be ranked ranked if you fail to fulfill your sponsor assignment.

BUSINESS rank B is prohibited from issuing a new sponsor certificate

The rank B business can continue to issue certificates to employees who have worked for you, who are trying to switch from work permits or extend their visa

Increase from rank-ranked to A

If you are lowered by B-Rating ranking, you can improve back to A ranking by successfully complying the action plan that is prohibited by the British Visa and Immigration (UKVI)

If you fail to complete the steps as described in the action plan, you will lose the license

If, at the end of your first action plan, you receive another B rank, you will receive a new action plan (which you have to pay)

If, at the end of your second second action plan, you receive another B rank, your license will be canceled

To summarize: If you receive more than two ranks B during the 4 -year license validity period, you will lose a license

The action plan fee is £ 1,476. You will lose a license unless you pay this fee within 10 working days after you are told about the first ranking decline from A to B by UKVI

If your license application for uk sponsorship visa for entrepreneurs is rejected

There is no appeal for licensing applications that are rejected for sponsors for British visas

If your British work visa sponsor license application is rejected, one of your way is to re -register

Please note, you cannot immediately submit a request after receiving a rejection for work sponsors in the UK. How long do you have to wait before applying again for this work permit UK is based on the nature of your rejection, like whether you lose a license for employing illegal employees (in this case you have to wait a full year before re -registering for a new license)

Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)

Sponsor certificates must be assigned to every foreign worker who works for you

Each certificate is electronic, and each has a certain number that must be included by an employee during the visa application process

All certificates must be used no later than 3 months from the date they are given

Unlimited certificate

The unlimited amount of Tier 2 and Tier 5 certificates is available for you in the form of “Unlimited Certificate” -Chos.

Although the number of unlimited certificates available to you theoretically is unlimited, you must be prepared to provide evidence that justifies your estimation of the number you requested

Limited certificate

Unlike “unlimited” certificates, unlimited, limited certificates are only available in limited quantities

The number of limited certificates that you will provide is based on the point system, which will be used to evaluate your application

Applications for limited certificates for the types of workers below will be submitted through a sponsor management system, which is available for all approved people for licenses.
Limited certificates are for the following:

Tier 2 (general) workers who are not in the investment post inward, who will receive below £ 159,600 in an annual salary, and who are currently abroad.

Dependents (family members) from migrants who switch to visa level 2 from level 4

Processing time for COS certificates

The application for the certificate is assessed on the date of allocation that is determined by the first work after the 10th day of the month

Depending on how much time it takes to go through your application, it may be held one additional month

Applications received on September 5, for example, will not be assessed until the working day after October 10

On the allocation date, if your application is received, you will receive your limited certificate in your SMS account, which you must then be aware of to certain employees

On a very rare occasion, such as for applications that are delayed for reasons that are not your mistakes, limited certificates can be given before the date of allocation to come.

You can search for an urgent application through your SMS account. The urgent application must be accompanied by an email to, which justifies the extraordinary nature of your request

Certificate fee

There are fees related to each sponsor certificate.

If you are a citizen of Turkey, Croatia, or Macedonia, you are released from paying a sponsor certificate

o Cost:

»Tier 2- £ 199

»Tier 5 – £ 21

Immigration skills costs

An employee who is looking for a visa to work in this country for a minimum of 6 months in a Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) visa or Tier 2 (General) visa that is given a sponsor certificate can also be subject to immigration costs skills

You will be charged an immigration skill fee even if the worker applies a visa application from within the country, regardless of whether they apply for a certain period of time under 6 months

You do not need to pay the cost of immigration skills for workers employed through the classification of PHD (SOC) standard jobs, and for workers sponsored to the following visas:

Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) Trainee Graduates

Tier 4 (Student) who switched to Tier 2 (General)

Immigration skills costs (cost)

The amount you pay will be determined by the SMS and will be based on the size of your organization and the amount of employee time will be in their work, calculated on the start and final date expressed in the sponsorship certificate

If your employee plans to stay in the country for under 1 year but more than 6 months, you will be charged a minimum of one year

All costs must be paid together and at once

First year:

Small sponsor or charity: £ 364

Medium or large sponsors: £ 1000

Every additional 6 months

Small sponsor or charity: £ 182

Medium or large sponsors: £ 500

Please note, worker sponsors are limited to 5 years

For small sponsors/charity, the maximum amount of costs obtained from the cost of immigration skills is £ 1,820 (at a cost of £ 364 per year for 5 years)

For medium/large sponsors, the maximum amount of costs obtained from the cost of immigration skills is £ 5,000 (at a cost of £ 1000 per year for 5 years

Your employee visa application will be rejected if you fail to send a payment (or send the wrong amount) within 10 working days after being contacted and informed about your mistakes by the British visa and immigration (UKVI)


Payment for immigration skills fees must be sent after workers receive their sponsorship certificates

Money refund:

Complete refunds are available for those who are workers’ applications for visas are:

Rejected or pulled


Workers in the end did not end up working for you even though their application was successful

Partial refunds are available for those whose workers:

Receive a visa with less time from the amount you sponsor

Turning to another sponsor after his creatures work for you

Stop working before the final date specified on their sponsor certificate

Processing time for refund

The general processing time for refund is 90 days from:

The expiration date on your employee sponsor certificate (only if they refuse to use it in their visa application)

When you tell Ukvi about your employees’ failure to start working

Your employee application date for a visa is withdrawn or rejected

Your employees can request an administrative review (official decision review) that the visa application is rejected

If 90 days have passed without employees who ask for administrative reviews (timeline for requests for administrative reviews) you will be returned.

If the employee asks for a review but the review is rejected, you will be returned (within 90 days after rejection)

If 90 days have passed and you have not received your refund, please contact UKVI, here: outside-uk

Work suitability

If the worker intends to do a job with the level of payment and the appropriate level of skills, you can sponsor the worker

The work may have to be in the form of level 6 qualification framework (RQF) which is set or higher if the workers you want to sponsor have tier 2 (intra-company transfer) or visa level 2 (general)

Creating a job

Workers who are included in one of the following “creative” categories receive the level of skills and payment rates

Movie worker and tv

Movie and tv performers

Theater and opera performers

Ballet dancers and other types of dancers

Advertise work

If the job you try to fill is not in the lack of work list, you might have to advertise for it, in a process known as the “Labor Market Test”

To be successful in this process, you must send 2 ads

The purpose of placing advertising is to sincerely determine that no workers live in the UK available to do the work, and therefore you must employ from abroad.

The work must be advertised for a minimum of 28 days, in this country

The ad period can be continuous or broken down into 2 periods. Apart from that, the amount of time you advertise must be a minimum of 28 days, without a period of not under a week

In order to successfully do the “Labor Market Test” so you have to be credible prove that you cannot find proper prospects in the UK

For further information and guidelines, you must comply with the guidelines in the “How to Implement the Population Labor Market Test” from the guidelines for sponsors

Only workers in the category below are qualified for advertising:

Tier 2 (general)

Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) or Tier 5 (Religious Workers) unless it is an unimportant position or nun or monk (ie requires to be part of the religious order)

Tier 5 (Creative and Sports) If you can credible why the work must be filled by workers who are not completed, it does not have to be in the creative and entertainment sectors. If not, it must be in that sector

Sponsor non-adult (under the 18s)

Non-UK workers who are less than 18 years old do not meet the requirements for sponsors under the following visas:

Tier 5 (youth mobility scheme)

Tier 5 (temporary workers – international agreements) specifically if they intend to work as domestic servants in diplomatic residences or in the personal work of someone who works for international organizations

Please note, people under 16 years do not meet the requirements for sponsors under Tier 2 Visa

Your responsibility:

Your license can be lowered, suspended, or withdrawn if you do not fulfill the following sponsor responsibilities:

Conduct a thorough test to convince (and collect and maintain documentary evidence from the facts) that your non-English employee has the expertise, expertise, and formal authority needed to perform the role they rent for them to be rented

Provide a sponsor certificate only for employees if the job is suitable for sponsors

Inform the British Visa and Immigration (UKVI) if one of your sponsored workers fails to comply with their special visa conditions

Monitor employees

Monitor your worker immigration status

Maintain a copy of the required documents that are easily accessible for all your workers (such as the right to work and passport information)

Assemble and update personal contact information for each worker

Monitor and pay attention to the presence of your workers at work

Inform the British Visa and Immigration (UKVI) if there is something wrong about your sponsored workers, such as a lack of consistent presence

Change in your business

UKVI needs to be informed by you about substantial changes in your special professional situation within 20 days after the incident. These include:

If your business stops trading or entering bankruptcy

If the nature of the work you do basically changes

In terms of merger or takeover

If your address, the role allocated, or other personal details changes

Changes to your business must be reported via SMS

This can take 18 weeks for changes in processed

Accelerated priority services are available, which allows registered changes within 5 days, at a cost of £ 200

Responsibility for non-adult

If you sponsor non-UK workers who are less than 18 years old, you must fulfill the responsibilities of certain treatments related to them:

Travel to England

Enter England

Live in England

In addition, parents of young people under your sponsors for British visa sponsors must approve every aspect of treatment responsibility. This agreement must be expressed formally in a letter

Your license will be canceled if you fail to get an examination of disclosure and restrictions on your employees who need it

Children under the age of 16: Please note, you must get a license from the educational authority wherever children under 16 years old work

More info

The above part is for British entrepreneurs. For those who are looking for work in the UK for foreigners, including foreigners who are looking for London Work Visas, or British General Work Permit, click here.

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