Community Healthcare Worker Visa Sponsorship

February 23, 2023
£20.5 - £25.6 / year

Job Description


Healthcare Professional

£20,500 to $25,600 in salary

the city of Wakefield

Sponsorship for Skilled Workers is available to qualified applicants.

Domiciliary caregivers are needed by Customized Care Services Ltd.

This is a paid care provider who makes house calls to people to support them in maintaining their independence.

Because each person is unique, the type and quantity of care can change based on what the client requires. The client may require a paid caregiver for one hour per week or for several hours each day; the time required varies. In certain circumstances, long-term care is provided, while in others, temporary care is required while the patient recovers from their disease. For those who require 24-hour care, some domiciliary staff put in the night shift.

Caregiving duties at home include: Physical care
helping with household chores
accompanying the customer on medical or hospital visits
The task is different since you might help someone with mobility challenges one day and help care for someone with dementia the next.

Kind of Work: Full-Time

Salary: between £20,500 and £25,000
per year Work

schedule: one 12-hour shift
working days
Rotating Rota – Weekend shifts are necessary

Do you possess a current UK driver’s license?
Are you able to put in at least 37 hours a week?
A domiciliary care worker’s job can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly gratifying.
A person who actually cares about helping others who is kind, sensitive, and patient will be the best caregiver.