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June 17, 2023
£12.5 - £15.8 / hour

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Nigeria and other countries with sizable young populations can profit from the present skills vacuum in the United Kingdom (UK) by applying for visa sponsorship jobs in 2023.
Top employment and academic degrees that are well-suited to fulfil market demands and address the scarcity in the United Kingdom are listed in a new report by Erudera, a global university and academic programme search engine.

According to the research, “this is primarily due to factors like the skill requirements of the job (which are aligned with the degree) and the typical degrees held by professionals currently employed in the respective professions.”

The United Kingdom has been accommodating with its immigration policies in an effort to expand and improve its economy, in part because of its exit from the European Union (Brexit). The country now has a lot of middle- and low-level job opportunities as a result of the retreat.

Some of the new routes are the graduate route, the high-potential individual visa, the global talent visa, and the scale-up visa. Between 2019 and 2022, the number of Nigerians given UK employment visas rose by 574.8 percent, from 1,998 to 13,449.

List of Jobs in the UK 2023 for Visa Sponsorship

Jobs in the health sector (£16.94 an hour)

In order to address the staffing shortages in the healthcare industry, successive British governments have imported a net amount of healthcare workers.

In addition to promising an additional £5,000 in cost-of-living support in 2020, the Conservative government also promised to expand the number of registered nurses by 50,000 during the ensuing five years.

A Health and Care Visa policy was also introduced that year with the purpose of facilitating the quicker, cheaper, and easier immigration of healthcare workers to the UK.

The largest economy in Africa, according to data published by the British government, was among the top three countries with the second-highest growth in skilled work visas in the health and care sector.

It rose from 5,009 in the year ending in March 2022 to 17,596 in the year ending in March 2023, a 251% increase.

By 2027, employment in this industry will grow by 6.2 percent, adding 4,300 new positions, predicts the National Careers Service.

Due to the expected retirement of 48.5% of the labour force throughout the same period, 33,400 openings will be available, according to Erudera.

It was said that individuals working in this field often had a level six national vocational qualification, a degree apprenticeship, a graduate diploma, or a bachelor’s degree with honours (BA/BSc).

“The employment prospects for graduates with healthcare degrees in the UK are excellent, particularly in the fields of nursing, general practise, and healthcare support. According to the research, there is a constant need for experts in these sectors in the country’s healthcare sector.

Biochemists and biologists Scientists (£12.55 per hour)

The morphology, structure, chemistry, and physical traits of living things are examined and studied by biological scientists and biochemists, as are how those things interact with their environments and how diseases affect them.

The growing number of employment openings in this industry, in the opinion of the authors of the Erudera research, gives an exciting chance for ambitious scientists to make a contribution to this subject in the United Kingdom.

By 2027, it is anticipated that this industry’s employment will grow by 4.2%, adding about 4,500 new jobs.

According to the UK’s Careers Service, 39.6% of the present workforce will retire during the same time frame, creating a sizable 42,600 job openings.

According to studies, employment in the scientific field has consistently increased, particularly in the biological and chemical sciences.

Approximately 95,800 people held these positions in 2021, Statista reports, a considerable increase from the 91,800 people noted in 2010.

Engineering (from £13.54 to $16.12)

Engineering specialists in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronic are needed in the UK.

A present lack of 173,000 skilled workers is predicted to cost UK firms £1.5 billion per year in recruitment costs, according to recent research from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Learning.

Erudera analysts estimate that 18% of people in the working age population in the UK are employed in engineering.

In addition, engineering accounts for at least 15% of all occupations in every region of the nation.

The mechanical engineering sector is expected to grow by 4.2% by 2027, creating about 3,800 new jobs, according to the UK government.

According to the survey, an estimated 39.5 percent of the present staff is expected to retire during that time, leaving almost 36,000 unfilled positions.

IT architects, business analysts, and system designers (£15.43 an hour)

Typically, computer science, information technology, business administration, or a closely related discipline makes up the majority of the courses needed for the positions.

Erudera claims that corporate headquarters, law and accountancy firms, and computer programming firms are the biggest employment in this sector.

“These businesses provide graduates in computer science with several work prospects. The United Kingdom’s capital city of London stands out as the area that offers the most prospects for software developers and programmers.

In addition, it stated that “the capital city is a thriving hub for those seeking careers in this field, with a variety of exciting job opportunities.”

Architects (£13.50 an hour)

The areas of England with the highest concentration of employment prospects in architecture are London and the South East. Additionally, they offer the best job chances for architects looking for work.

By 2027, the sector is expected to see a 4.3 percent growth in employment prospects, creating about 2,900 new job opportunities, according to the United Kingdom government.

37,700 positions are expected to open up as a result of the projected retirement of 55.3% of the current workforce over the same time frame.

According to the Architects Registration Board (ARD) in the United Kingdom, there is an uneven distribution of architects, with 27% of the population living in London and the South East, home to only 27% of all architects.

Individuals having credentials from outside the European Union or non-recognized British credentials must pass the ARB’s Examination for Equivalence to Prescribed Qualifications in order to be registered as architects in the United Kingdom, according to Erudera.

The remaining roles include those for programmers and software developers (paying £13.95), web designers and developers (paying £10.99), veterinarians (paying £13.83), cybersecurity experts (paying £13.17), and lab technicians (paying £7.75).

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Find out if your line of work qualifies for sponsorship.
Depending on the kind of employee you want to sponsor, choose the type of sponsorship licence you want to apply for.
Decide who will be in charge of managing sponsorships for your group.
Make an online application and payment.

How long will visa sponsorship positions last in the UK in 2023?

Employment: United Kingdom
Visa Type: Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa
Anyone may submit an application.
A five-year stay is allowed.