Staff Software Engineer Visa Sponsorship

March 1, 2023
£40 - £50 / year

Job Description

Job description

Staff software engineer for Python and Java

Manchester, England — Hybrid

Line Manager: Paul Lomax

If selected for the aforementioned position, the successful candidate will continue working for their present employer, which means that if you are a Jaguar employee, you will continue to be subject to the terms and circumstances connected with the Jaguar grading structure. If you are currently employed under BAC or EMC terms, your employer will remain the same even if your contract will change to one with JLR and its related terms and conditions.

Role Overview

Manchester-based Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Digital Development Centre is seeking an experienced Staff Engineer with a passion for quality.

In order to contribute to the development of our new connected automobile platform, this position requires demonstrable experience in software engineering and architecture. As we transition to a green and sharing economy vision of contemporary luxury services, our Vehicle Connected and Data Platform will establish connections to all JLR vehicles globally and be in charge of enabling all our data use cases.

Great engineers with a love for DevSecOps, quality-first coding, and imaginative problem-solving are what we’re searching for.

This important position will first focus on supporting our autonomous driving program by finding ways to manage the enormous quantity of data needed to allow this innovative field of technology.

You will be the project’s primary hands-on technical expert, assisting the Principal Engineer and Architect in finding solutions to the peculiar technological issues in this field. Along with that practical job, you will assist in coaching and upskilling the other team members so they may continuously enhance their abilities and output.

Your expertise as an engineer will aid you in motivating the team to complete projects successfully. You will undoubtedly play a significant role in resolving any technological problems that arise in your area of expertise.

To ensure lab-built applications are cloud-native, adhere to 12 Factor principles, and meet platform capacity and resilience needs, you will work very closely with the Principal Site Reliability Engineer.

You will routinely meet difficult business targets while putting a focus on testability, robustness, and performance for intriguing new projects, reporting directly to the Chief of Software Development.

Key responsibilities

● Become the team’s go-to technical expert by fixing issues iteratively and assisting the delivery.

● familiarity with AWS cloud technologies

● strong supporter of DevSecOps and continuous delivery techniques

● Enhance and implement DevSecOps procedures, such as the CICD pipeline.

● Make sure the systems produced adhere to all necessary internal and external standards.

● Technical hands-on assistance with all aspects of building, testing, and deploying applications for software engineers and SEITs

● strong background in software engineering with a data focus (back end, data, cloud)

● strong background in a subset of the lab’s languages or technologies (Java, Python, Kafka, Flink, Spring, Lambda, Apigee, MQTT)

● You are in charge of mentoring and sharing your knowledge.

Skills and Experience

Critical Thinking:

● A lot of expertise creating custom-built, large-scale enterprise apps in a cloud environment.

● programming knowledge of Java (or other JVM languages)

● strong Python development experience.

● AWS knowledge, ideally with Infrastructure as Code (CDK in Java & Terraform)

● knowledge of message queues, RESTful APIs, and microservices architectures

● Expertise with cloud native development, especially on AWS (lambdas, S3, api gateway etc)

● knowledge of version control systems such as Git, GitHub, and GitLab

● knowledge of contemporary CI/CD tools and methodologies


● prior experience with every phase of the software delivery lifecycle

● Enthusiasm for engineering mentorship and technical coaching

● Strong communication skills both in writing and speaking

● Experience with Docker and Kubernetes

● Enderstanding and practical application of the concepts and principles of site reliability engineering

Global Digital Development Center of Manchester

At Jaguar Land Rover, we are reimagining what tomorrow will look like. Our industry is undergoing a transformation, and we are at the forefront of it. We have always been creative. But as never before, the opportunities offered by new technologies will shape our future.

As of right now, we are the UK’s largest investor in automotive R&D. Thus, we need even more motivated individuals who can think creatively and outside the box, stretching the bounds of what is thought to be feasible.

Technology has long been advanced by Jaguar Land Rover. Due to its importance to our future strategy, digital innovation is now at the core of our company. We are concentrating on the creation of autonomous, networked, and electric vehicles that will completely transform the auto industry. You have the opportunity to help us redefine who we are and where we’re he

ading by joining us. Your career may be impacted by your skills in DevSecOps and software development. Prepare to daydream about the future.

This position is located in the center of Manchester at Jaguar Land Rover’s brand-new, cutting-edge Global Digital Development Centre, where you will collaborate with the top engineers on the planet.

Please be informed that no salary increases are applied to lateral moves if you are an existing Jaguar Land Rover employee at the same grade as this role. The wage offer for promotions will be based on a number of variables, such as the position’s size and skill requirements, its value on the outside market, and your personal qualifications and experience.

Please take note that you would need to be employed as an external candidate on local terms and conditions rather than transferring on your current terms if you choose to apply for a career in another country and are successful.

According to JLR, this position qualifies for consideration for a skilled worker visa. JLR will therefore support a visa sponsorship application.

Please be advised that if we receive a large number of applications, we may close this vacancy for applications prior to the deadline. You should submit your application as soon as you can, as per our high recommendation.

Equal opportunity is something that Jaguar Land Rover is committed to.