Software Engineer Visa Sponsorship Uk

January 19, 2024
£42 - £55 / year

Job Description



Redgate develops tools to assist businesses and professionals get the most out of their datasets. Our products are intended to benefit everyone, from the smallest, single developer homes to Fortune 500 corporations.We succeed by consistently solving our clients’ problems with ingeniously simple software.

We are searching for experienced software engineers to join one of our product teams. If you enjoy writing amazing code, working in a team, and shaping the software you create, we want to hear from you.

At Redgate, we think that the finest software is created by engaging small teams with a clear goal, freedom to act, and a strong desire to learn.


Development at Redgate

You will be involved in all stages of software development, including consumer research, automated build, and deployments.

Our code is mostly written in C#, however some products also use web technologies like TypeScript and React. We utilise GitHub for source control and TeamCity for CI.Every software engineer is provided with all of the necessary hardware (speed machines and many monitors are normal), as well as the ability to use the software tools that are most comfortable for them.

We have some intriguing technical challenges ahead of us as we continue to expand our database services. Some technological problems to address are how to create tools that operate with multiple RDBMS and how to construct our systems so that they perform as well in the cloud as they do locally. We are transitioning from predominantly Windows-based software to platform-neutral solutions. And these are just a few of the difficult difficulties you could tackle as Redgate grows.

Redgate takes personal development very seriously. We offer regular lightning presentations, open spaces (small conferences led by Redgate engineers), and an annual Down Tools Week. We have a healthy budget for attending conferences and have held our own with all sessions organised by Redgate personnel for the previous three years. We even devote Friday afternoons to personal growth and ongoing learning.


What qualifies you as a Redgate Software Engineer.


  • Proficient in modern object-oriented languages, particularly C#.


  • You value simplicity and strive for it in your code and products, even though it can be challenging at times.


  • You thrive in a collaborative team of software engineers and enjoy working with clients, designers, and product managers to create outstanding products and services.


  • (Desirable) You have domain knowledge in one or more of Redgate’s product areas.


  • (recommended) You have prior experience working in an agile development team and are familiar with methodologies such as TDD, BDD, and continuous delivery.




  • An excellent benefits package.


  • You’ll work approximately 40 hours each week with flexible work hours.


  • We focus Friday afternoons on personal development, community, and creativity.


  • Salary ranges from £42,000 to £55,000 (based on experience).


At Redgate, we recruit on a rolling basis, which means we keep looking until we discover the ideal person for the position. Individuals are often compared to their role specifications rather than to one another.

If necessary, Redgate will pay for all fees associated with the successful applicant obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa in full. We also assist with the financial and logistical aspects of your migration to the UK.

At Redgate, we strive for a diverse and inclusive workplace that brings together exceptional individuals to create the best software possible. To support this, we have a recruitment process that is fair and equitable and is designed to see the best in every individual and for us to learn what qualities you can bring to our team. If you have a disability, we can make reasonable adjustments to our recruitment process based on your needs. Please let us know if there is anything you would benefit from.Our team values diversity and does not require a uniform composition.

For positions in our Product Division, we want applicants to know that we are working hard to increase the representation of people from underrepresented backgrounds. We prioritise gender balance in this division and encourage applications from women. However, we welcome applications from all interested parties.