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September 16, 2022
£12 - £15 / hour

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Good news for international talent looking for Canadian work. Wait is over and now you can apply for a visa sponsor work in Canada for 2023. Multinational companies in Canada invites international applicants to work in Canada and they will sponsor and support your visa. The Canadian government reaches a target of 401,000 new residents. And they have introduced employment opportunities for international applicants in Canada.

Visa sponsor jobs is the ideal choice to start your career. In this post, we will tell you a list of companies in Canada that offers visa sponsorship jobs for international students. If you work in Canada, their benefits are quite high. That is why in Canada there are 75%of Europeans, 18%of Asians, and 4%of Africans do work in Canada. Valid without paying any application fee. There is no cost to apply for a job in Canada. No need for IELTS or, TOEFL.

The most demanded jobs in Canada

● Accountant

● Registered Nurse (RN)

● Professor and University Lecturer

● Software engineer

● Industrial Electricity

● Mechanic of heavy task equipment

● Sales partners

● Optician

List of visa sponsor jobs in Canada

Jobs in Canada for international students, freshers, and graduates from any part of the world through opportunities for visa sponsors

1# Google Canadian Jobs

Google Canada expands their offices in Canada and now they choose international talent to work in the Google Canadian office. This is especially for international students, new students, graduates, undergraduate students, main students to apply for Google Canadan jobs and get sponsors from Google to work in Canada. Any student from any country with any citizenship can apply and they will get a visa sponsor to work in Canada.

150 Open jobs in Google Canadian offices throughout the country. A minimum bachelor degree is needed. And English language is needed. Jobs are available on Google Canada in five fields: business strategies, engineering, and technology, marketing and communication, design and sales, services and support.

How to apply for a Google Canadian job:

● Visit first

● Choose the location in the “Canadianfilter. This will include all the jobs offered on Google Canada.

2# Coca-Cola jobs in Canada

Coca-Cola Company in Canada is a premium bottling company. This is an independent business that covers more than 5800 partners, more than 50 sales and distribution and 5 national production facilities. Coca-Cola companies in Canada really need full time workers and part time. Different work posts available are:

● Production network capacity

● Assembly

● Special capacity

● Advertisement

● Administration of offer and notes

● Client and business pioneer

● Business Administration

● HR

● Managerial administration

How to apply for a job of Coca Cola Canada:

Coca Cola official website:

3# Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC)

TMMC is a top employer for immigrants in Canada. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. TMMC has been in Canada since 1986 and is based in Cambridge, Ontario. Their employees and families may get discounts for new cars in TMMC, which is one of the main benefits in Canada.
They gave a fairly large maternity leave top-up and leave on leave for new father and adoptive parents, among other family-friendly incentives. Children of employees also qualify for academic scholarships

How to apply for a job of Coca Cola Canada:

Apply Here:

The official website of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.

4# P & h of agricultural jobs in Canada

Parrish & HeimbeCker, Limited (P&H) is a Canadian family’s business at the forefront of the agricultural industry. They have more than 1,500 employees. The agricultural industry in Canada is very large with 2.1 million employees in the agricultural sector, as reported by the Canadian government.

Join P&H agricultural work and when applying “Yes, you need a visa sponsor to work in Canada”. Hundreds of open jobs in various fields. They continue to look for workers.

How to apply for P&P agricultural jobs in Canada:

Visit Here

So if you are going to open any position. On the side blades, they will ask for a visa sponsor. So, choose yes.

5# KPMG Company jobs in Canada

KPMG’s job is for freshers, students, scholars, graduates, and experienced applicants. Applicants from any country can apply for KPMG jobs in Canada. KPMG is the right place to start. With around 46 locations in Canada. KPMG will provide visa sponsors, accommodation, and support for health, education, and other benefits which are the rights of workers in Canada.

Jobs for: Freshers, MBA, BBA, Graduates, Bachelor, Students, Experienced

How to apply for a job of KPMG Canada:

Visit Here:

6# Scotiabank jobs in Canada

Scotiabank is a multinational banking company and financial services based in Toronto, Ontario. This is considered as one of the large Canadian banks. Opportunities are available in the fields of retail banking, technology, finance and accounting, and commercial banking. This includes basic compensation, incentive payments, benefits, retirement, and savings plans.

How to apply for a scotiabank job in Canada:

Visit Site

7# Restaurant Jobs in Canada in the Horton Team

The restaurant manager’s job is present at the Hortons team. The Hortons Inc. team, usually nicknamed the team’s or timmies, is a Canadian multinational food restaurant chain. Based in Toronto, the Hortons team serves coffee, donuts, and other fast food. This is the largest fast food restaurant chain in Canada, with 4,949 restaurants in 15 countries.

● Website:

● Location: Calgary, AB

● Salary: $ 21.75 hours for 35 hours per week

● Labor Provisions: Permanent Manpower, Full time

● Start date: start as soon as possible

● Vacancies: 105 vacancies

Canadian citizens, permanent Canadian residents and other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit can apply.

How to register on the Horton Team:

8# Elastic pathway work in Canada

Elastic Path Company offers a visa sponsor job in Canada. Based in Vancouver. They provide job opportunities in Canada in the fields of IT, marketing, product development, product operations, and support, product management, and more. International applicants who are interested in starting their careers can apply for this.

The elastic path is the same employer as opportunities and prohibits discrimination and harassment in any form.

How to apply for an elastic path company job

9# Shopify Inc.

Shopify, one of Canada’s best employers, has promised to ensure that the majority of their workers will be able to work remotely. They were founded in Canada in 2004.

Shopify employees receive $ 5,000 in addition to their basic health benefits, which they can mention for their health plan, pension funds, or giving charity according to their wishes. Limited stock units are also given to new workers, which are very interesting considering that Shopify is one of the top Canadian shares to be purchased and held now.

How to register for Shopify Inc.: Jobs in Canada Valid here

10# Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

Schneider Electric Canada Inc., an industrial automation and control company, has been operating in Canada since 1836, in the same year its parent company, Schneider Electric, was formed in France. Long life and profitability of the company are based on their commitment to their employees: their employees who serve the longest have been with them for 54 years.

This organization offers various initiatives to promote the emotional and physical welfare of workers and their professional growth. Instead of just encouraging workers to work from home, companies form programs that send furniture (such as ergonomic seats and workstation sit-stands) to their homes.

How to apply for an application for Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

11# Work Lack of Workers in Canada

Many companies in Canada are currently experiencing lack of labor. For this, the Canadian government introduced the work of foreign workers while in Canada in 2023. With simple words, it means that applicants who come from outside Canada can apply for a temporary job in Canada.

How to apply for a temporary job in Canada: Temporary Foreign Workers Work in Canada

12# ABB

ABB is the leading global technology business that encourages social and industrial transformation for a more productive and sustainable future. ABB encourages technology boundaries by integrating software to electrification, robotics, automation, and motion portfolio to encourage performance to a new height. The success of ABB was triggered by around 105,000 prominent people in more than 100 countries, with the tradition of excellence coming from 130 years.

Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Hardware & Technology Equipment are some of the company’s services. The head office is located in Saint Laurent, Quebec. Working in ABB gives you the opportunity to contribute to a healthier and more prosperous world. Add to your story by joining a passionate team, focusing on encouraging technological boundaries to encourage performance, form new business models and find new ways to work that benefit customers, partners, and our community. We want you to be proud to be part of ABB.

How to Register: Valid Here

13# Sask Tel

Sasktel, Saskatchewan’s telecommunications provider, was founded in 1908. The cost of excess data for company customers and consumers who must adapt by working from home is released as part of the company’s transition to work from home. Sasktel also helps employees with retirement planning and offers gradual job choices for individuals who are close to retirement because transition to retirement is difficult. Sasktel Pioneers Club is available to help Sasktel alumni stay connected and involved in their area.

How to Apply: