Jobs for Social Workers in the USA with Sponsorship Visa

November 5, 2023
£4.2 - £4.2 / month

Job Description



Position Overview:


Leading American school system Guilford County Schools is looking for devoted and caring Social Workers to join our team. Working as a social worker at Guilford County Schools will be vital to promoting the academic achievement and general well-being of students. Your skills in advocacy, counselling, and social work will be useful in fostering a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. This exceptional opportunity allows you to further your social work career in the United States while simultaneously contributing to the progress of students, including sponsorship of visas for overseas candidates.





Job Specifics:


  • Title:Visa Sponsored Social Worker Jobs in the USA


  • Company: Schools of Guilford County


  • Position Held: Social Worker


  • Types of Jobs: Full-Time and Part-Time


  • Education: Secondary, Diploma, Bachelor, as specified below


  • Gender: Either male or female


  • Experience Requirement: Minimum of one to three years


  • Monthly salary: $4,156


  • Address: 712 North Eugene St., USA, 27401, Greensboro, NC





Primary Accountabilities:


  • Offer students both individual and group counselling.


  • Evaluate the behavioural, emotional, and social requirements of the students.


  • Create and carry out support services and intervention programmes.


  • Work together with parents, teachers, and local resources.


  • Take care of truancy and attendance problems to encourage student participation.


  • Determine what obstacles pupils face and take steps to overcome them.


  • Make house calls and encourage parental participation.


  • Respect professional and ethical norms in the field of social work.








  • A Master of Social Work (MSW) from a recognised institution.


  • Licenced Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) licence or eligible for licence.


  • Preferably, you have experience in school social work or a comparable subject.


  • strong counselling and communication abilities.


  • familiarity with neighbourhood resources and social services.


  • Cultural sensitivity and empathy are important while working with diverse students.


  • the capacity to manage private and sensitive data.


  • Without any prior social work experience in the United States? Not an issue! There will be instruction given.







Visa Sponsorship:


We value the knowledge and commitment that foreign social workers provide to our students. If they are chosen for this position, foreign applicants will be sponsored for a visa, allowing them to work lawfully as social workers at Guilford County Schools in the United States. You will receive assistance from our committed immigration support staff while submitting your visa application.









  • competitive perks and compensation plan.


  • Opportunities for professional development in the schools in Guilford County.


  • exposure to a range of student demographics and educational environments.


  • a cooperative and supportive workplace.


  • supporting the academic achievement and general well-being of pupils.




Questions and Answers (FAQs):


1. Does Guilford County Schools demand a particular degree for social worker positions?


It is necessary to get a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from an authorised programme.


2. Is a licence required for this position?


It is preferred to be licenced as a Licenced Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).


3. How do foreign candidates apply for visa sponsorship?


Guilford County Schools will help qualified foreign applicants obtain the required work visa so they can lawfully work in the United States by means of visa sponsorship.


4. Do the Guilford County Schools offer possibilities for professional growth?


Indeed, there are prospects for career progression in the field of school social work in Guilford County Schools.


5. How may I apply for Guilford County Schools social worker employment if I have a sponsored visa?


Guilford County Schools’ official website has an online application gateway via which you can submit an application. Send in your résumé, any relevant experience working in social work, and a statement of interest in a social work position.


6. Will this job require any training?


To make sure you are ready to support kids’ well-being, training and orientation will be given.



7. How do social workers at Guilford County Schools feel about their workplace?


The work atmosphere is student-centered, team-oriented, and committed to helping students who require social work support.



Join the social work department at Guilford County Schools to support the academic achievement and well-being of American kids. Apply right now to improve the lives of students while furthering your career in social work.