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September 13, 2022
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Unskilled jobs in uk for foreigners workers are such jobs that do not require you to have special skills to do. This type of work is available in each country because there is a crude work that will not require formal formal training, skills, or education. So, people with little or without special skills use this opportunity to make a living. Some examples of unknown work including cashiers, wholesale employees, and cleaning.


Although there is a need for workers who are not skilled, current technological advances have made a greater demand for skilled workers than workers who are not skilled. Also, many countries prefer to welcome foreigners who are very skilled because they are proven to have a positive impact on the country’s economy.


Britain is one of the countries that welcomes strangers who are more skilled than unknown. Unskilled foreigners are invited in the UK on the condition that they meet 70% of the criteria stated in the British visa system. Above all, one of the biggest challenges faced by uncomfortable foreign job seekers is getting a job that is not skilled when still in their home country.

Because we understand your needs, we have taken the time to issue this article about work that is not skilled in the UK for foreigners, unknown jobs that pay the best, and how to find it.



Immigration to the uk visa system is categorized into five ways

The English Tier Visa system is a point -based visa category. This visa system is categorized in five ways that have been highlighted below.

Under the British visa system for migration, the employment system has been divided into five levels

First Tier – referred to a very skilled/valuable immigrant.

Second Tier – skilled worker.

Third Tier – Low/Unknown.

Fourth Tier – Students aged 16 years and over.

Fifth Tier – Temporary Workers: Charity Workers, Religious Workers, International Agreements etc.

But because our focus is on unknown workers, we will see level 3. You can check here to find out more about other levels.


Tier 3

According to Birmingham Live, those who are classified as “unknown” are those who earn under £ 25,600 and will no longer be allowed to work in England. However, it is stated that workers can come to England if they are sponsored by the employer and meet the points -based criteria as listed below.

Job applicants must get at least £ 25,600 in a job offer. Also, there may be concessions for those who earn no less than £ 20,480 if they still meet certain requirements, or their work is lacking staff.

In the Tier 3 visa system, applicants must pass the minimum number of points in the assessment test to meet the requirements for visas.

This allows workers to enter England with sponsors. That is, you need a certificate for sponsors before applying.

This also allows you to apply for unlimited permanent residence leave. However, as a worker who is not skilled, you will be given a visa for 12 months, and you will not be allowed to bring relationships, partners, or family members with you to the country.

Also, in Tier 3 there are no language requirements for workers even though your employer might want you to speak at least basic English.

But now, Tire 3 is in an unlimited place by the British government.




Unskilled jobs that pay high in the UK for foreigners




The server works in a restaurant as an intermediary between their customers and establishment. Their job is to accept orders and answer questions about menu or food items and prices. They also explained special food and prepared non-knitchen food including drinks, desserts, and salads.

Average salary per year: £ 22,506



2.Private driver


The driver was asked to drive, maintain, and clean the car for their employers. They provide more personal services than taxi drivers because they always drive and care for certain people or families. Also, they helped enter and get out of the vehicle and open the door. Among entrepreneurs for this job are private households, important celebrities or business people, and commercial companies.

Average salary per year: £ 32,643



3.Cleaning Officer


The duties and responsibilities of the janitor can include the public cleaning of a building and keep it maintained and in good condition. Also, this can include sucking dust, mopping, cleaning toilets, removing trash and recycling, and washing and cleaning windows and mirrors.

Average salary per year: £ 20,194





A driver, also known as a shipping driver, is the person who produces goods. Their main tasks include collecting goods from stores, warehouses, or collection points, packing them into shipping vehicles, and then safely send products to clients.

Average salary per year: £ 30,495



5.Associate stocking


Stock partners ensure that shipping is received accurately, is neatly filled in, and maintained consistently. They are also willing to help the team where it is needed. The more organized the stock space, the faster the sales team can find products and give customers experience in great stores.

Average salary per year: £ 17,729



6.Production Workers


The main role of production workers is to operate equipment in production facilities. Every day, he must collect the needed raw materials, assess its quality, and feed them to the production machine.

Average salary per year: £ 18,704






Collecting packages and packages from the central depot and sending them to certain addresses, determined in the courier work. This work also requires route planning to optimize efficiency and ensure the package is sent on time. Once again, verify the address before shipping.

Average salary per year: £ 12,388






The work of a guard is patrolling and protecting guests and staff from actions or individuals who are not right or dangerous. Also, to warn and drive the guilty wisely and tell the police even though it is needed.

Average salary per year: £ 28,233




9.Agricultural Workers


Agricultural workers are responsible for planting, caring for, and harvesting plants using various equipment such as tractors and combining harvesting. Also, their jobs may include raising and caring for livestock – feeding, disrupting, caring for sick or newborn animals, and using milking machines for dairy work, etc.

Average salary per year: £ 19,747




10. Receptionist


A receptionist cleanses, regulates, and maintains the reception area. They also store primary office supplies such as pens that are stocked and can be accessed by visitors including, ordering inventory for the rest of the office and signing visitors.

Average salary per year: £ 23,582




11. Labor


Workers are responsible for doing manual work that requires physical fitness and high strength to build structures or buildings. They do physical and manual work including laying foundations, installation windows, clearing sites, building walls, digging trenches, etc.

Average salary per year: £ 21,751




12. Sales Representative


As a sales representative, you are a direct link between the business that you represent and the customer. You are responsible for identifying new market prospects and showing their products and services. You will also sell these products and services and tell your employer about how to increase sales.

Average salary per year: £ 26,599




13. Construction Workers


Construction workers are required to eliminate debris, rubbish, and hazardous materials from the location, and assemble and break barricades, temporary structures, and scaffolds. Their work also involves helping contractors such as – electric and painters, as needed. They transport and operate heavy machines and equipment.

Average salary per year: £ 23,363



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Conclusion: unskilled jobs in uk for foreigners

Because the law ratified by the British government, it is quite difficult to get a job as a worker who is not skilled in the UK. To apply for most work visas, you usually need to get a job offer with sponsors from the employer in the UK first. This employer must also be approved by the Home Office and is in the list of employers who meet the requirements. However, getting a work visa from an employee is difficult to obtain.