Community Nurse Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship Available

December 13, 2023
£28.4 - £32.5 / year

Job Description





We are looking for a community nurse in the Leicester, Leicestershire area. This position is for international nurses who require a Tier 2 visa.


As a community nurse, you are an important member of the team and will need to drive to your patients’ homes.


Salary ranges from mid-level to top-tier Band 5 after the OSCE, and experience is taken into account.




Why Choose Leicester?

From the culture, people, places to visit, food and drink available, travel opportunities, religious locations, music venues, sporting activities, and easy access to London by train, bus, or automobile. Leicester, Leicestershire, is located in the Midlands and is one of the best linked cities in the UK, with road and rail networks connecting you to friends, relatives, and loved ones.





To apply for this position, the general nurse must have the following qualifications:


  • Nursing Diploma
  • 1 year of postgraduate experience is required.
  • Valid Driver’s Licence
  • Driver who is self-assured and competent
  • Passed IELTS / OET
  • CBT completed or scheduled
  • Not be a citizen of a country on the red list




Working for this client provides you with the following advantages:


  • Begin at the top of Band 4 and go to Band 5 after passing the OSCE.
  • On arrival, you will be given a welcome / meal box.
  • Pack of stationary
  • 2 months of free lodging
  • (Only one) IELTS OR OET
  • CBT
  • Flight to the United Kingdom
  • Airport Transportation
  • Sponsorship Certificate for 5 Years
  • Visa application fees have been paid.
  • OSCE training is available.
  • OSCE examination




International applications are considered, however none from nations on the do not recruit list will be considered.


Instead of nursing in hospitals, community nurses care for patients in their homes, workplaces, or other community settings.

There are various sorts of community nursing.

Nursing in the District

Rehabilitation in Bed

Medical Consultation

College Nursing




This position is for District Nursing.

District nurse care is primarily offered in patients’ homes, with some care also provided in clinics or general practitioner surgeries. District nurse services are typically available to anyone over the age of 18. The size of the teams varies depending on the demographic area, the amount of the caseload, and the patient reliance. As a team member, you will be assigned a list of patients to see each day. Your workload will frequently change during your shift due to the requirement to respond to urgent new referrals or the changing acuity of current patients, so you must be flexible and adaptable to these changes.

The district nursing team does not work in isolation, but rather as part of a larger multidisciplinary team that assists patients with care requirements who live in the community. As a community nurse, you can send the patient to his or her general practitioner (GP), who can refer the patient to a specialist for more precise medical care. As a community nurse, you can refer patients directly to local authority social services, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, and other specialised nursing teams.




Who exactly are HCL Permanent?

HCL Permanent is an expert in sourcing individuals both at home and abroad, having worked with a wide range of public and private sector hospitals to place professionals in a variety of medical specialties. Our candidate assistance is comprehensive, so we will assist you with everything from interview preparation to finding housing and even meeting you at the airport if you are moving to the UK to begin your new profession!



What HCL Permanent can provide you with:

  • A lucrative referral plan for up to £200* is available.
  • A dedicated Recruitment Consultant and registration staff are available to assist you with the application process.
  • Free interview training to help you prepare for an interview.



How to Apply

If you are interested in this position or would want to speak with our team about working elsewhere in the UK, please apply with your CV or phone us at 0207 2469844.


*There are certain restrictions.

HCL is an equal opportunity employer and accepts applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, religion and belief, pregnancy and motherhood, or handicap.

While we will make every effort to contact you following your response, we regret that due to the huge volume of applications, this is not always possible. If you have not heard from us within 30 days, please consider your application unsuccessful this time, but we will keep your information on file for future chances.