Data Business Analyst Visa Sponsorship

March 15, 2023
£23 - £28 / year

Job Description


At our Dudley headquarters, you will support our sales team with data analysis and administrative tasks as a business analyst. Someone with great Excel abilities who enjoys working with and maintaining data would be a good fit for this position. Maintaining and monitoring pricing for customers and giving reports to the sales team are important aspects of the work.

Important Duties

supplying statistics on our customers’ sales in order to assist the sales staff.

creation of in-depth Excel sales and profitability reports.

Keeping track of price lists to make sure clients are charged fairly.

updating consumer portal data.

helping to create reports for ad hoc tasks.

Help for other departments like Purchasing and Supply Chain

Good understanding of pivot tables, vlookups, and formulae in Excel.

specifically on numbers.

Excellent detail-orientedness and the determination to complete tasks “right the first time”

Possessing good interpersonal, time management, and organizational abilities as well as the capacity to function in a fast-paced setting

strong work ethic, assuming responsibility for providing important activities and results, and being proactive

being a team player and content to work in a small group.

Visa sponsorship is offered to qualified candidates.