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June 19, 2023
£27.1 - £32.9 / year

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The high demand for caregiving positions in the UK via sponsorship for a visa. Britain still adheres to traditional British values and norms because it is a monarchy. They are really considerate. They have a maid, a carer who works to take care of them and assist them, as you may have seen in dramas and movies. Applicants seeking UK Carer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship may be male or female. In the UK, there are several care professions, including home care, healthcare, and care assistants. Nursing home work also refers to providing patient care at home. These are simple, well-paying careers in the UK that require little education.

Additionally, this kind of career is regarded and acknowledged in the UK. In the UK, a carer has an average pay of £22,425 per year, or £11.50 per hour. You have to be 18 or older. There is no maximum amount. A daily average of 105,000 care jobs are posted online. An 8 to 10 hour day is what you can expect to work. Any applicant from any nation may submit an application; in return, they will receive relocation assistance and free plane travel. Below you’ll find a list and more information about 2023 Carer Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship.

Information about Carer Jobs in the UK with Sponsored Visas

  • Job Country: United Kingdom
  • Job Type: Permanent, Part-Time
  • Sponsorship of a visa: Yes
  • Care Sector Employment: Hospitality, Social Services, Healthcare, and Home Care

Why Are Carer Jobs in the UK So Desirable?

In the UK, there are almost 12 million people who are 65 or older, of whom 5.4 million are 75 or older, 1.6 million are 85 or older, and more than half a million are 90 or older. They require carers who can assist and encourage them, such as:

Jobs for Carers in the UK

  • Helping with personal care activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, using the restroom, and exercising.
  • Basic food preparation includes cooking, shopping, cleaning, and other chores.
  • General health care: monitoring medicine and prescription consumption, calling to remind of appointments, and managing medications

  • Social care includes accompanying them to stores, parks, and other places.
  • Patients receiving assistance with meal preparation, eating, and cleanup

  • making the bed, cleaning the bedroom, doing the laundry, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and other housework on the patient’s behalf.
  • helping with purchase and maintaining thorough records of all financial transactions

Benefits of Working as a Carer in the United Kingdom

Here is a summary of a few benefits of working in the UK.

  • As your dependent, your spouse is excluded from taking the IELTS test.
  • Your partner is ready to work full-time in a technological sector.
  • You will be hired for a good pay in comparison to your own nation.

  • You will learn about and experience a variety of different lifestyles.
  • It is noble to help those who are in need.

The UK’s Top Caregiving Companies to Work For

The following list includes the top 10 caregiving organisations in the UK.

List of UK jobs for carers that sponsor visas

Agincare International: UK Carers

Agincare offers UK caretakers access to global services. Since we think that care should be available to everyone, Agincare has always been proud to recruit internationally. AgainCare is a recognised sponsor for UK immigration and visas. Through the new Health and Care Worker visa, we are providing sponsorship to senior healthcare assistants and licenced nurses.

Job Categories in Agnicare

  • Jobs at Care Homes
  • Work at Home Jobs
  • Jobs in Live-In Care


Assistance with the procedure
Including flights and airport pickup, relocation support
Free housing during the first 14 days, followed by subsidised housing for up to 6 months.

NHS Jobs

The National Health Service (NHS) in England is known as the NHS. For all overseas applicants, it offers excellent employment opportunities. They advocate for universal, high-quality healthcare. Candidates from all around the world are welcome at the NHS. The NHS is a sponsoring organisation authorised by the UK government to sponsor and hire foreign workers.

On the NHS Jobs website, there are around 350 distinct jobs with about 25,000 open positions listed each month. There will be a career for you, whether you want to work directly with patients or behind the scenes.

How to Apply for Jobs in the UK’s NHS


Jobs in nursing homes and care homes are available in the UK. The UK care home jobs board has 9,062 positions available, including those for nurses, carers, and managers. Numerous Home Care Jobs in the UK, Healthcare Jobs in the UK, Carer Jobs in the UK, and more can all be found right here.

Government Care Jobs in the UK

Here are the procedures for using the official website of the UK Government to search for and apply for a Care Visa Sponsorship employment in the UK. These are Carer Jobs in the UK with Sponsored Visas for International Workers.

  • Step 2: A search box will appear. Enter after you type “Sponsorship or Visa Sponsorship” in the CARE box.
  • Step 3: This will display all sponsorship positions available from recognised UK businesses. And from there, you may easily apply online.

The national home care companies in England are listed below. Visit each person’s career website, Google them, and apply for Carer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship there.

Jobs sponsoring visas in the UK in 2023/ 2024

Jobs for visa sponsorship are available in a range of forms and sizes in the UK. There are many different qualifications needed; some don’t require any prior work experience, while others do. In any case, the UK home office mandates sponsorship jobs for foreign nationals who want to enter the country to work.

To increase their chances of being granted a work visa when submitting an application through the UK visa and immigration services, candidates are advised to apply for jobs that are listed as being in high demand in the UK. When applying for sponsorship positions in the UK, you should take this into account.

Some businesses who are recruiting for roles in the UK do not sponsor visas for foreign nationals who are already residing in their home countries.

Some businesses that are urgently recruiting foreign applicants for work as UK visa sponsors include:

  • NHS Scotland
  • Assistant in health care – University Hospital Wishaw

Work Details And Responsibilities

The National Health Service of Scotland

There are currently 140,000 people working for NHS Scotland across 14 territorial NHS boards, seven special NHS boards, and one public health organisation. Each member of this NHS board answers to Scottish Ministers and is assisted by the health and social care directorates of the Scottish government.

Protecting and enhancing the health of the populace within their authority is the duty of provincial NHS boards. They issue policy directions, which are carried out by personnel working in the front lines of healthcare. By offering a variety of significant specialty and national services, special NHS boards often serve as an addition to territorial NHS boards.

Carer at University Hospital Wishaw

The University Hospital Wishaw is hiring a suitable individual to serve as a health care assistant. Candidates that are hired must be able to work with nurses to conduct routine physical examinations of patients.

The health care assistant must be selfless in order to give clinical treatment. This expert is expected to perform their given tasks, such as maintaining the high level of hygiene standards in the ward or department and making sure that all jobs are carried out with the highest safety in mind.

Jobs As A Home Care Aide In The UK With Sponsorship

Do you want to work in home care in the UK? Use us to launch your search. Everything you need to know about Home care Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship_ job specifics, a list of top-rated employers offering the position, job responsibilities, job requirements, how to apply, etc. is included in this post. There are additional occupations that are comparable to home care and offer numerous job openings.

For instance, positions in housekeeping, homecare aides, senior care, babysitting, etc. After being chosen, you must apply for a tier 2 visa if your employer is not the sponsor. Another popular way to work as a home care worker in the UK is to enter the country on a study visa, obtain a two-year work permit from a healthcare organisation, and then apply for permanent residency.

It has unique requirements for education and experience because it is a skilled employment role. Fortunately, unlike other white-collar positions, it does not necessitate a high level of education or extensive experience. You may also use the keywords “Live In Home Care Assistant Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship” to search for home care jobs with sponsorship on the internet. Let’s begin by learning more about the position and the link to submit an online application in the section at the bottom.

Job Specifics

Worker providing home care

  • Minimum age is 21.
  • knowledge is necessary.Yes
  • Required experience: Yes/No
  • Sponsorship of a visa: Yes
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free training is offered.Yes
  • Free food. Most of the time, no.
  • IELTS is needed:Not required

How to Apply for Jobs As A Home Care Aide In The UK With Sponsorship

Questions and Answers

How can a caretaker in the UK get sponsored?

You must obtain a job offer from a recognised UK business before submitting an application for a health and care worker visa. Approved employers are also referred to as sponsors because they are paying for your travel or accommodation while you are in the UK. You need to work for the NHS.

What credentials are required to work as a carer in the UK?

Some GCSEs, often containing English and maths, or the equivalent are needed to qualify for an intermediate apprenticeship.
5 GCSEs in English and maths, with marks ranging from 9 to 4 (A* to C), are required for an advanced apprenticeship.