Sponsorship Student Health Visitor/ School Nurse

March 16, 2023
£27.1 - £32.9 / year

Job Description

Job Summary

Student Health Visitors and School Nurses of the SCPHN

One-year fixed-term agreement

AFC has reached halfway Band 5

Havering, Redbridge, and Barking and Dagenham

What makes NELFT unique?

Join the NELFT Health Visiting and School Nursing Teams to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

Within North East London Foundation Trust, sponsorship (for external applicants) and secondments (for internal applicants) are provided for

Including community placements in the London boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Havering & Redbridge, this specialty course in community public health nursing combines health visiting and school nursing.

student body from the NELFT September 2023 cohort at London South Bank University.

Being a part of a group that is influencing the direction of 0-19 services in North East London at this time is thrilling.

The needs of our children and families are at the center of our vision for health visiting and school nursing. We share the same commitment to eliminating health inequities as many other NHS organizations, but we take a special approach to enhancing the quality of life for the families we support.

Here at NELFT, school nurses and health visitors are setting the standard for changing how services for kids and families are provided. A fresh, comprehensive, and inclusive approach to 0-19 Children’s Universal and Early Intervention services is currently being pioneered in communities by teams of committed and competent Specialist Community Public Health Practitioners.

Main responsibilities of the job

To complete the requirements of the Specialist Community Practitioner program by participating in practice placement days and university class dates as per University regulations.

Linking the academic knowledge acquired via the university program to the actual scenario with the assistance of the Specialist Community Practice Teacher

To demonstrate knowledge of existing and new national, regional, and local healthcare laws, regulations, and standards as they relate to the chosen course.

improving workload, team, and leadership management abilities

must adhere to NELFT Rules and Procedures and University Regulations regarding academic work and student conduct.

should adhere to the rules of the employing organization as they apply to the appropriate clinical context

must adhere to employee responsibility policies set forth by the employer

About us

Transitional Period

There will be a trial period for this position. Candidates that are internal are exempt from the trial period (unless you are an internal applicant currently part way through a probationary period or currently a bank member of staff).

Starting with NELFT

New hires being appropriately greeted and inducted into the Trust is extremely important to NELFT. All new hires will join the Trust on the first Monday of the month and go through a thorough induction that could last up to two weeks and involve obligatory training, system training, and equipment distribution. New hires will get the chance to meet the executive team, senior managers, and attend a variety of drop-in sessions that will center on engagement, health and wellbeing, and critical procedures as part of the process. The induction will take place in Rainham, Essex, at our corporate headquarters.

COVID-19 Vaccination

All of our staff members are still encouraged to make sure they have received their booster shot and two vaccinations. We acknowledge that for our patients, our personnel, and their families, receiving the vaccine offers the best protection against COVID 19.