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October 14, 2023
£15 - £16 / hour

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Jobs for Seasonal Farm labourers in the UK: Hall Hunter, a renowned farming company in the UK, is seeking assiduous and committed people to work as seasonal farm labourers. Hall Hunter is happy to recognise the exceptional skill and dedication of people from all over the world by providing visa sponsorship to eligible overseas candidates. This is an amazing chance to join our prestigious team, assist with local agriculture, and gain experience in the UK farm sector.


Information about UK Jobs for Seasonal Farm Workers



  • Heathlands Farm is located at Honey Hill, Wokingham, UK, RG40 3BG.


  • Type of Job: Full-Time


  • Earnings: £15 to £16 per hour


  • Name of Country: UK




Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, or High School



One to two years’ experience in a similar field



  • Language: English

Qualification and Experience:


  • Formal training is not required.


  • Although not necessary, prior farming or agricultural experience is a benefit.


  • Capacity to work in a range of weather conditions and finish physically taxing jobs.


  • Outstanding communication skills.


Work Assignment:


  • Assist with planting, tending, and gathering crops.


  • Maintain and operate farm machinery and equipment.


  • Follow the instructions to guarantee the crops’ safety and purity.


  • Participate in training sessions and follow UK agricultural standards and laws.


  • Inform the farm manager or supervisor right away of any issues or worries.


Qualifications for UK Seasonal Farm Worker Positions


  • Must be prepared to spend the entire season moving to the United Kingdom.


  • A basic proficiency with the English language


  • Committed, trustworthy, and on time.


  • The capacity to work both individually and cooperatively.




Work Environment:


  • Many Hall Hunter estates in the United Kingdom have open fields and greenhouses.


  • A lively, practical setting where everyday tasks might change.


  • Cooperative setting with farm workers of different backgrounds.


Additional Details:


Selected candidates for visa sponsorship will be supported during the immigration process. Hall Hunter is committed to helping foreign hires adjust smoothly.


Advantages of UK Seasonal Farm Worker Jobs


Seasonal Employment: Jobs for seasonal farm workers are frequently available throughout the planting and harvesting seasons, allowing people to find work for a set amount of time without committing to a long-term position. Those looking for temporary employment may find this flexibility appealing.


Work Experience: People can obtain real-world experience in agriculture and related sectors by working in these positions. For people wishing to develop their résumé or choose a farming profession, it can be helpful.


Make Money: During the busy farming seasons, seasonal farm work positions provide a means of assistance for people who need to sustain their family and themselves.


Physical Activity: Physical labour is a necessary part of working on a farm, which can be advantageous for people who wish to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy being outside. It may also present a chance to stay in shape and get some exercise.


Link to Nature: Working on a seasonal farm enables people to get up close and personal with nature, which fosters an awareness for the environment, plant life cycles, and animal husbandry.



Possibilities for Networking: Working on a farm might help you make contacts in the agriculture sector that could come in handy for your next business venture or employment offer.

Acquire New Skills: Seasonal labourers frequently pick up new abilities in the areas of planting, harvesting, and farm upkeep. These are transferrable talents that can be used in future agricultural work or other fields.

Engagement with the Local Community: Because seasonal farm employment are frequently located in rural locations, employees may have the opportunity to interact with and support their local communities. This may promote a feeling of community and belonging.

No Long-Term Commitment: Working seasonally frees people from the long-term employment commitment, allowing them to remain flexible in their career decisions and investigate options outside of the farming industry.


An respect for agriculture can be fostered by working as a seasonal farm worker. Agriculture requires a great deal of hard labour and dedication, which is necessary in order to produce food and other agricultural products.


How to Apply for UK Jobs as Seasonal Farm Workers

Go to our careers section.


Locate the seasonal farm labourer employment and apply online by clicking the apply button.


Fill out the application completely, and include any supporting documents or resumes.


In the relevant application form, please mention that you are interested in being sponsored for a visa.


The chosen applicants will receive information about the following steps and specifics of the interview.