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May 29, 2023
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Are you a foreign national looking for employment with UK-based companies that sponsor work visas? Apply for the UK Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 by filling out the online form. The UK government gives a Temporary Work Visa to foreigners who want to work there. Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship is the term used to describe this. Additionally, many businesses in the UK offer Tier 2 Work Visa Sponsorship to applicants who are given a job offer. They will cover the cost of your UK work visa.

You can enter the UK legally from any nation if you apply for a job with a UK visa sponsor. In the UK, there are various employment options. If you have a degree, are a skilled worker, a seasonal worker, a cook or waiter, or have a higher education, you are eligible to work in the UK. Anyone from any country with any qualification is eligible to apply for visa sponsorship jobs in the UK. This article will outline where to look for and how to apply for jobs that sponsor UK visas, as well as what to do if your application is accepted.

Recently, the government declared that 50 UK companies would sponsor work visas. Start your international career with one of the most reputable companies in the UK. Among the most well-liked industries are the National Health Service (NHS), Google, PwC, and Deloitte. Now is a great moment to apply for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the UK because inflation is also a problem there.

Many businesses in the UK are currently hiring foreigners on the basis of their visa sponsorship. These businesses can be found on the Register of Licenced Sponsors, also known as the Tier 2 Sponsor List, which includes over 32,000 businesses. You receive a Certificate of Sponsorship from the business, which has a reference number you will need when submitting your visa application.

What is a UK Tie 2 Visa?

A form of UK work visa known as the Tier 2 (General) visa enables qualified individuals to enter the nation and work for a sponsoring company. To apply for a Tier 2 visa, you must have an employment offer from a UK employer who is prepared to sponsor your visa application.

A Tier 2 visa can only be obtained if certain conditions are satisfied. Here are a few instances:

  • having your employer’s most recent Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • reaching the minimum income threshold for your position (which varies depending on the nature of the work and your level of expertise).

  • passing a language test in English (unless exempt).
  • being able to maintain oneself without requiring assistance from the government.

  • meeting the British standards for character and health.

Uk Companies that sponsor work visas

in the UK Google

Search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and secondhand electronics are the main areas of interest for Google LLC, an American multinational technology business.

UK-based KPMG

One of the largest accounting firms is an international professional services network called KPMG International Limited. UK

E-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence are the main areas of interest for, Inc., an American global technology firm.

UK-based HSBC

The UK is a significant market for the international banking and financial services company HSBC. In divisions including finance, risk management, and information technology, they provide a range of opportunities. HSBC is well known for assisting visa applications for exceptionally skilled individuals, particularly in the banking and finance sectors.

UK-based Deloitte

Deloitte provides the best audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services in the business, and is trusted by many of the most respected brands in the world. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. All qualified applicants will be given consideration for employment. Both their professional and academic lives are active.

UK PwC Jobs

PwC is a multinational company with locations all over the world. The goals of PwC are to increase societal trust and find solutions to pressing issues. accepts applications from everyone who qualifies.NH in the UK


The NHS is the abbreviation for the National Health Service (NHS) in England. There are numerous job openings there for those from abroad. They support universal access to high-quality healthcare. Worldwide applications are accepted by the NHS.


GSK is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with headquarters in the UK. GSK wants to unite extraordinary people in a welcoming environment so that we can have a global effect.


Since 2003, Rolls Rice Motor Cars Limited, a British luxury car manufacturer, has operated as a fully-owned subsidiary of BMWAG as a unique manufacturer of automobiles with the Rules Russey name. West Sussex, England, and Goodwood are the locations of the company’s administrative and production headquarters.

Accenture in the UK

offers outsourcing, technology, administration, and consulting services. based in the UK but offers services to clients worldwide.

Lidl Retail 60

A German-owned international discount retailer with more than 11,000 locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Goldman Sachs

The largest Goldman Office in the UK American multinational investment bank and financial services provider Goldman Sex.

UK-based Barclays

The UK Located in London, England, Barclays is a British multinational universal bank. A service provider, Barclays Executive Services, supports Barclays’ two businesses, Barclays UK and Barclays International.

Unilever in the UK

With its headquarters in London, England, Unilever PLC is a multinational British firm that manufactures consumer goods. Food, seasonings, ice cream, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and personal care items are all produced by Unilever. The largest soap manufacturer in the world is Unilever, and its goods are sold in about 190 different nations.

Aldi Retail UK

The Discount Supermarket China joint venture known as Aldi has more than 10,000 locations across 20 countries and is controlled by two German multinational families. When Carl and Theo Albrich took over their mother’s shop in Essen in 1946, they created the series.

Questions and Answers

Which UK companies will sponsor visas

  • in the UK Google
  • UK
  • Accenture Deloitte in the UK In UK
  • Rolls-Royce

Is it challenging to find sponsorship for a work visa in the UK?

Is it difficult to get a work visa in the UK? There are various routes to obtain a UK work visa, and some are more challenging to complete than others. In many cases, the candidate will need to have a work offer that satisfies the minimal skill and income standards from a licenced sponsor.

What must one earn in order to be sponsored in the UK?

You must receive at least £10.75 per hour, or $26,200 annually, whichever is higher. You will almost always be required to be paid at least the going rate if the “going rate” for your position is higher than either of these.