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September 14, 2022
£15 - £33 / hour

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The uk government has announced a new scale-up work visa on August 22, 2022. This scale work visa allows companies in the UK to choose international applicants who are interested in working in the UK. This is called uk scale up sponsorship visa jobs. The company will choose students, and if they get an offer letter for the job, they will sponsor visas for applicants, and they can work in the UK legally in the office, and business. The amount of monthly salary standard or daily wages will be given in accordance with British law. Britain this week launched a new route to attract top talents to the country from all over the world.


This will encourage a high growth business in the UK and companies with high growth that can attract extraordinary talents to the UK with a new scale visa. Here, in this post, we will discuss all the details about the new scale-up visa, how to register, type of visa sponsor work, a list of companies in the UK that qualify for employing international applicants.


Complete details about visa sponsorship job in uk through a new uk scale-up visa


In order to meet the requirements for a scale-up visa, you will need a sponsor. Your British employer must meet the special feasibility criteria for sponsoring improvement workers.


Eligibility of uk scale up visa sponsorship


To meet the requirements for a scale-up worker visa, you must:

■ has a job offer that is confirmed to work for an approved business that is approved for at least 6 months

■ Have a ‘sponsor certificate’ from your employer (England) with information about the role you have offered in the UK

■ Have a job offer to do the job in the list of work that is eligible

■ paid a minimum salary in your new job


CEO Order Visa Scale-Up


Irene Graham Obe, CEO of The Scaleup Institute said:

Scaleups add more than £ 1 trillion per year and more than 3 million jobs for the British economy, employing people from home and abroad. Visas must help with skills demands.


Visa duration


Unlike other sponsored visas, a scale-up visa allows businesses to employ high-skilled people who will receive 2-year leave to remain in the UK without the need for further sponsors or permission outside the first 6 months.

You can extend as many visas as you like for 3 years, as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria. After 5 years, you might be able to apply for permanent settling in the UK.


Fields that meet the requirements


Business that meets the requirements will be able to attract very skilled talents including:

■ Scientist

■ Engineer

■ Programmer

■ Software developer

■ Research and Development Professional

■ Economist

■ Architect

■ Technician

■ Financial and Investment Advisor


Scale up visa and salary rates


Rates and salaries are divided and distributed according to the field.

■ Maximum salary: £ 67,300 (£ 33.19 per hour)

■ Minimum salary: £ 29,100 (£ 14.35 per hour)

■ Here you can see a salary list in all fields below the visa scale (check here).

■ See the scale of national salary for health care jobs and teaching work and educational leadership that meet the requirements based on the British area.


How fast can you apply?


You can apply for up to 3 months before the day you will start working in the UK.


List of Companies Approved in the UK for a Scale-Up Visa


Examples of famous companies to work in the UK such as:


■ Deloitte


■ Google


■ JP Morgan


■ Unilever

■ Barclays


■ Amazon


■ Microsoft

■ P&G

■ Shell

■ Morgan Stanley

■ Airbus

■ L’Oreal

■ Apple

■ Bloomberg

■ Vodafone

■ Huawei

■ Facebook

■ Citi

■ Siemens


You must have a job offer from the British approved. Approved businessmen are also known as sponsors because they sponsor you to come or live in the UK.


Your British employer will be in the approved British employer list if they meet the requirements to sponsor you. ‘Scale-Up Workers’ must be registered in the ‘Route’ column in the table