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March 30, 2023
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It’s possible that you are considering moving to the UK to live and work if you are looking at this website.Information about professional registration and immigration requirements, as well as information for qualified healthcare workers from other countries, is provided on this website.


Many employers in the UK and around the world use the option of international recruitment to try and cover openings in particular regions of the nation or within professions where there are severe skill shortages.

Employers continue actively seeking candidates from abroad despite COVID-19 restrictions, and a variety of opportunities are accessible. The UK is currently putting a lot of effort into increasing the number of foreign nurses accessible, and there are numerous opportunities available all over the nation.

It is a good idea to study the government’s guidance if you are considering moving to the UK to work because it contains details on:

● Preventing fraud

● Norms and labor laws

● What to think about before accepting a position in the UK’s health or care sector

● Where to find additional advice, assistance, or support in the UK


How can a overseas health professional like me operate in the NHS?

Anyone from outside the UK (aside from residents of the Republic of Ireland) must obtain UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) approval before being allowed to work there. They may also need entry authorization before visiting.

Migration management falls under the purview of UKVI. You must fulfill certain requirements and provide proof that you are authorized to work in the UK in order to receive a visa or entry clearance.

● The immigration system predicated on points

● The settling plan of the EU

● An ID card with biometrics


Method of immigration based on points


The Home Office, which includes UKVI, is in charge of regulating how people from outside the EEA can work, teach, or study in the UK.


Parts of a new points-based visa system that went into effect in January 2021 were in place by the end of 2020.If they satisfy the requirements, the system offers a way for both EEA and non-EEA nationals to work, train, or study in the UK.


The prior tiered system has been largely replaced by this points-based one. With the exception of those from the Republic of Ireland and those who were already residing in the UK as of December 31, 2020, it applies to everyone from outside the UK who wants to reside and work here.


Although there is no limit on the number of skilled UK immigrants presently permitted to enter the country, they must satisfy the requirements for skilled workers in order to apply to live and work here. A Health and Care Worker visa enables health and care workers to travel to or remain in the UK and work in adult social care, the NHS, or one of its suppliers.


A points system is used to evaluate applications in order to only admit applicants whose abilities will be advantageous to the UK. Depending on the category applicants select, different numbers of points are needed and given, but they all reflect:

● A work proposal

● Talent set

● linguistic ability

● Qualifications 

● Other set criteria


Some professions are labeled as “shortage occupations” by UKVI. If a job is listed as a national shortage occupation, it means that the local labor market does not have enough qualified and competent candidates to fill the openings. The gov.uk website has a comprehensive inventory of the shortage jobs.


It is recommended that you visit the website to determine which entry method qualifies you to submit an application.


EU Settlement Scheme


EU citizens have a path to residency in the UK through the EU settlement scheme. EU nationals had until 30 June 2021 to submit an application if they landed in the UK by 11:59 on December 31, 2020.

If you and your family are citizens of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland and do not already have temporary or permanent leave to stay in the UK after June 30, 2021, you may apply to the EU settlement scheme. You will either be granted established or pre-settled status if your application is approved.

On the gov.uk website, you can find the most recent information for families and EU residents.


The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) with Turkey may be advantageous to you if you are a citizen of Turkey. Turkish nationals who are already employed legally in the UK are given certain privileges under the agreement if they need to extend their stay. You will be given a vignette in your passport and get a letter confirming your status if you satisfy the requirements established by the UKVI. Visit the UKVI page for more details.


Biometric Residence Permits

A biometric residence permit (BRP), which is given to foreign nationals, is a card that displays your immigration status and rights while you are in the UK, as well as your biographic information (name, date of birth, and place of birth), as well as your “biometric information” (fingerprints and digital facial picture).


When a person applies for a visa or immigration, they are immediately given a BRP. Passports come with a stamp or vignette that is good for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to get to the UK. As stated in your decision letter, you will have ten days after arriving to pick up your BRP from a post office location.

In order to confirm that an identity is real and pertains to the person presenting it, verification of identity checks are used as part of NHS recruitment procedures.

BRP cards can be used to finish this check and confirm identity.

People can also choose to share their right to work with a company by registering on the Home Office’s online portal with their BRP card. An individual can create a share code through this service to submit to employers as proof of immigration status.


You must submit biometric data (fingerprints and a digital image of your face) to apply for a biometric residence permit. This data is compared to records already on file and then kept on the UKVI system and on the microchip biometric card.


You can enroll your biometric data if you are a UK citizen registering for a BRP:

● By appointment at one of the biometric enrolment locations or special service locations of the UKVI

● At a handful of post offices across the country that provide walk-in services without an appointment

The gov.uk website has more information about biometric residency cards.


Where can I discover details about my field of work?


We have created data particular to certain international healthcare professionals:

Allied health occupations, such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, firemen, and radiographers



● Healthcare professionals such as audiologists and biological researchers

● Midwives 

● Nurses

● Pharmacists 

If you are a doctor or foreign medical graduate who is not a citizen of the EEA, you can apply for and accept a position in a training position that might be sponsored by a skilled worker visa. On the NHS Jobs website, you can learn more about these employment possibilities.