Agricultural Seasonal Jobs in Uk for 2023

January 12, 2023
£10 - £11 / hour

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Cobrey Farms is household run commercial enterprise primarily based in Ross-On-Wye, in the West of England. We have over 1200 Ha of land and are one of the largest producers of asparagus in the UK.







We additionally develop blueberries, inexperienced beans and potatoes. We promote our vegetation into giant supermarkets and restaurants.




We have farms in Herefordshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk.

The website in Herefordshire, is located close to the city of Ross-on-Wye.




We rent round 1300 seasonal employees each 12 months and remember upon these human beings to harvest, grade and pack our crop which is then disbursed out to the main supermarkets in the UK.


In our Herefordshire website online there are about 800 employees, most of whom stay on web page in cellular residences provided.


Job Roles Available.


Harvesting Asparagus
Asparagus have to be harvested day by day and by using hand, there is presently no choice to mechanise this. Its increase is in simple terms based upon the temperature and beneath 12 ranges it will no longer grow. In the nice stipulations it will develop up to 10cms per day.


The work will involve:



• Harvesting asparagus to a excessive fine widespread – Asparagus will be harvested by way of on foot inside the discipline and stooping to reduce vegetation as you go, via your very own or following shut at the back of a tractor rig.


• Collecting asparagus into trays – You will elevate with you 2-3 trays and stroll thru the field, stooping to accumulate the asparagus bunches, or you will comply with the tractor rig and you will go away the bunches which you harvested in the crate in the front of you .

• Daily use of knives to help in the slicing of the asparagus.

• Performing bodily things to do that require extensive use of your arms, legs and shifting your complete body. You will be required to lift, walk, slump and manage heavy materials.

• To cowl and re-cover polythene cloches and to regulate metallic hoops on a every day basis.


All harvest is bodily stressful and requires bodily in shape humans with the want to achieve.


People with preceding again issues might also now not be appropriate for jobs at Cobrey Farms as there is a lot of bending and heavy lifting worried with choosing asparagus.


Please make certain earlier than accepting the job you are capable to bend and stroll for lengthy intervals of time.






We have a appropriate group of supervisors and managers who are on hand to assist and educate our staff. There might also be possibilities to go into supervisor roles (and earn more) for these human beings that exhibit aptitude, have the proper skills, and can talk with the administration team.


Packhouse Work


• Moving trays of asparagus from the hydro cooler onto the grading line.


• Grading asparagus relying upon measurement and quality.


• Packing asparagus into applicable packaging structured upon size, high-quality and customer.


• You will be required to constantly put on the right private protecting tools such as hair nets and coats.


• You will be required to comply with all applicable customer, fitness and safety, meals safety, hygiene and environmental necessities and legislation.


A packhouse position will contain working indoors in our very busy packhouse. You will be required to stand for lengthy intervals of time in one function with a lot of twisting and reaching.


The job is bodily annoying and nevertheless requires bodily suit humans with the wish to achieve.


Due to the rural area of our farm, the majority of our team of workers stay on site in cell residences provided. We are now not on a bus route and are 35 minutes on foot distance from the neighborhood town.