Airport Baggage Agent Job in Uk

September 25, 2022
£9 - £10 / hour

Job Description

Ready to take off? Join Swissport for a pleasant career on flight.

Pay: This role is paid on £ 9.67 per hour, besides that you will receive a monthly allowance of up to £ 81.25 depending on the hours that are contracted which is equivalent to an hour £ 10.17 per hour.

Working in Swissport has so many different faces and one thing that is certain, there has never been a boring moment. If you enjoy working with people in a dynamic environment, join us! As a Swissport baggage agent, you will play an important role in our airport operation.

This airport is a fast and focused team environment.

Our baggage agents do various tasks, which may include:

● Loading and dismantling aircraft baggage

● Baggage sorting and transportation

● Unit of load designing control

● Driving airside

What will make you stand out for this role?

● You focus on providing extraordinary and safe services

● You can be an effective team player

● You are committed to learning and growth

● You are confident and can stay calm under pressure

● You are organized and can manage time well

● You physically match by lifting up to 32kg as needed

● You have a SIM

● You are a fluent English speaker

● You have basic computer skills – medium

Why would you like to work for Swissport:

● Swissport is the world’s leading land and air cargo service provider

● Impressive career development opportunities are also available throughout Swissport’s global network.

● Work with a great team every shift

● Industrial Benefits

● Permanent role

● And much more

Looking for an interesting new challenge?

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for new challenges, respecting new careers, many training and development training, then don’t miss applying now!

Swissport is a global leader in airport land services and handling air cargo, active in more than 269 airports in 47 countries worldwide. We are committed to providing safe and high quality services for our clients and their customers around the world.


Swissport has strict obligations based on the 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Therefore, compliance is a responsibility that is embedded in all roles. However, specifically, you are required to actively support and help business with compliance, both in your daily task and in connection with the project and ad hoc activities. You are expected to show good practice to direct the report, and actively promote compliance culture.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Swissport and its employees have a strict task based on the law of equality in 2010, not for discriminatory in their treatment of colleagues and customers, based on age, disability, gender assignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and pregnancy, race, religion or belief, sex , and sexual orientation. Compliance with the principles of equality and diversity because it is a responsibility that is embedded in all roles. Specifically, you are asked to:

● Comply with equality and diversity policies and treat all colleagues and customers with dignity and respect (including in virtual and digital environments);

● Respond to positive, inclusive, and support the needs of coworkers and customers that are different for protected characteristics;

● report and act on all examples of discrimination, harassment, and intimidation;

● Proactively supports direct reports to understand their responsibilities for equality and diversity, including identifying and facilitating development if needed. Make sure the performance is measured against the main performance indicators, to reduce the risk of discrimination;

● Proactively comply with, modeling, promoting, and instilling the principles of equality and diversity, in everyday tasks, project work, and strategic planning, to promote a culture of zero tolerance, the environment in which colleagues and customers feel safe and respected, and fight for values This business provides equality and diversity;

● Make sure changes to policy and practice are filtered for compliance with the principles of equality and diversity, and embedding compliance as the main performance indicators in strategic planning and project work;

● Evaluating operational decisions to assess the impact on policies, procedures, and strategies with reference to equality and diversity

This list is incomplete and can vary depending on the location and needs of local customers.