Seasonal Farm Workers

March 6, 2023
£10 - £10.5 / hour

Job Description

Job Summary

In order to help the staff at our salad farm in Colchester, Essex, we are searching for seasonal farm employees on a temporary basis.

Agrial Fresh Farms, which has more than 100 hectares of land and 28 hectares of polytunnels, is well situated to grow salad all year long and has some of the greatest light levels in the nation.

Agrial Fresh Farms has the capacity to cut food miles, which benefits the environment by growing important leaves like spinach all year round.

Harvesting the crops, primarily baby leaves, cultivated in open fields and poly tunnels under cover is the responsibility of this position. Any prior experience working on a crop farm would be helpful.

From April through October, the work is performed under a temporary contract. On our property in Frating, Essex, there are live-in accommodations available.

Temporary Contract Employment Type

40 hours a week are spent working.

About us

One of the four UK-based locations operated by the French cooperative organisation Agrial is Agrial Fresh Farms Ltd. Agrial operates in 18 regions, has 280 farming outlets, and 5 distinct divisions that include agricultural operations, dairy operations, meat operations, fresh produce operations, and beverage operations. It’s not just about lettuce!

All four of our UK locations are part of Agrial’s vegetable business and run under the name Agrial Fresh Produce Limited. The company is better known in the UK for its Florette salad brand, and we are currently one of the top manufacturers in the country. With the help of our EPIC principles and teamwork, we have a formula for success.

Colchester, Essex-based Agrial Fresh Farms is an integrated farming enterprise. The salad farm supplies full head and outdoor crops during the summer as well as baby leaf cultivated year-round in polytunnels for the UK. The produce is delivered to our UK facilities for distribution and processing.

Next Steps

A thrilling time to join our company is now!

Recruitment agencies should be aware that the company’s HR team is handling this position; no communication with agencies is necessary.

Employer with an equal opportunity policy is Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd. Moreover, Agrial Fresh Produce Limited supports the employer pay principle as part of responsible recruitment. No employee should have to pay to get a job; instead, the employer should cover the costs of hiring.

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