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September 15, 2022
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Do you want to stay and work in the UK? You are not alone. The number of people who apply for work in the UK increases from year to year. But if you plan to move to England, you will need a visa. There are many types of visas available – and one of the most popular is a skilled worker visa.

Let’s look at the details of who can register, English requirements, and tests that you must take to show that you have the right level of English for a skilled worker visa.

1- What is the latest British work immigration trend?

Apart from the decline related to Pandemic in 2020, immigration to England continues to increase over the past decade. In 2021, there were 239,987 visas related to work given by 110% in the previous year, and an increase of 25% in 2019.

Of the 239,987 visas, 63% are skilled worker visas. This type of visa sees the biggest growth from 2019 in an increase of 33%. That means that, of all people who moved to England to work, the majority of them (almost two -thirds, in fact) applies to a skilled worker visa.

India, the Philippines, Nigeria, the United States and Pakistan are the top five countries for the people given by the visa of skilled workers in 2021.

2- What is the Visa of British Skilled Workers?

British skilled worker visa is a visa that allows you to come to England and work for approved companies. You can stay in the UK up to five years before you need to update your visa. You can apply for a visa for up to three months from your work start date, and you must accept the decision within about three weeks if you are outside England. The Visa application fee is between £ 610 and £ 1,408, depending on your personal condition.

If you work in health care – for example as a doctor or nurse – you can apply for a health worker and treatment visa, which is cheaper to apply, and does not require you to pay additional annual immigration health costs.

3- What types of workers can be applied?

A large number of careers and professions are covered by skilled worker visas, from architects to baker, and hairdressers to chefs. You can see if your profession is eligible by checking the complete list of jobs.

To meet the requirements to meet the requirements for a skilled worker visa, you must ensure not only that your work meets the requirements for a visa, but also that your employer has been approved by the Home Office.

You also need to make sure that you will be paid at least a minimum salary for the type of work you will do in the UK. You will be expected to get:

£ 25,600 per year

£ 10.10 per hour

‘Going Rates’ for the type of work you will do

Which of these three options is the highest, that’s the information you will use for your visa form.

However, if your work is in the list of work lack of skilled workers visa, you only have to be paid 80% of the usual work rates.

4- What are the English requirements for English -skilled worker visas?

To apply for a skilled worker visa, you must show that you have just passed the safe English test at the right level to be able to live and work in the UK. There is a list of countries that are excluded, but everyone needs to show that they speak English for at least level B1 on the CEFR scale. This is the main requirement in terms of successful visa applications!

The only exception is if you have qualifications at the title level in English (both bachelors, master or phd); If you have a title, you don’t need to take an English test.

5- What is Pte Academic UKVI?

Pte Academic UKVI is an English test approved by the English Home Office for the Visa application. This tests you to all four language skills: writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
To take the test, you will attend the official test center, where you will take Pte Academic UKVI on a computer. All computer -based tests, and take about two hours. After taking the test, you will usually receive your results within 48 hours.

6- How can you get the score you need at Pte Academic UKVI?

To meet skilled worker visa requirements, you must print at least 43 in your Pte academic UKVI test. The best way to make sure you get the score you need is to preparation as much as possible for the test:

Get to know the test format

It is very important to find out the test format very well before you sit Pte Academic UKVI. The content of the test is exactly the same as Pte Academic. This test is divided into three parts: speaking and writing, reading, and listening. There are 20 different types of questions in three different parts. Each type of question follows a particular structure. It is important to learn about various types of questions. You need to use specific techniques for each question to make sure you get the highest score possible.

Learn how the question was printed

In the test, different questions are given a score in different ways. In some questions, you will be marked whether you have given the correct answer. But in others, your score will be influenced by how close you follow instructions (eg. Are you transcending the limits of your words) and the quality of your response, which is influenced by things like pronunciation and oral smoothness. You can find out how we print every question in our test format guide.

Study with official preparation material

There are many different preparation materials for Pte Academic UKVI. You will be able to prepare yourself using a score of a score that will allow you to take an artificial test and see what scores you will receive. This will tell you what questions and skills you need to do.

There is also an official guide for Pte Academic, a textbook that offers in -depth guidelines for the test and gives you detailed advice about the techniques and strategies you need to get the right score. The Pte Academic Question Bank has more than 300 questions for you to practice, and Pte Academic English Booster offers activities to help you develop the language skills you need to be successful. Explore our preparation material in our preparation guide.

Take a preparation course

Many people prepare Pte Academic UKVI themselves, but others feel helped to do preparation courses. There is a free online course, one hour that gives you a good introduction to the test. You can also do a six -hour online speaking course run by Mitra Pearson Macquarie University. Or, find a preparation course near you.

With the right preparation, you will definitely get the score you need to apply for your British skilled worker visa and achieve your dream of living and working in England!