HSDU Night Supervisor Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship

March 17, 2023
£21.7 - £23.2 / year

Job Description

Job Detail


To join our small, amiable team in our HSDU decontamination unit, we are seeking to hire a Band 3, HSDU Decontamination Night Supervisor.

Candidates for this position must either have HSDU decontamination experience or at least two years of supervisory experience within sterile services. Applicants must be well-educated overall and open to receiving more training and development.

to perform decontamination tasks and support the provision of a specialized decontamination of medical device service that contributes to the patient’s clinical care.

to receive, disassemble, clean, sanitize, reassembly, pack, sterilize, or disinfect at a high level reusable medical devices.

Clean and maintain equipment in accordance with Unit Policy and adhere to rigorous decontamination requirements.

to enter each process’ information into the track and trace database.

to respond to all consumer inquiries, including those from physicians, nurses, and other practitioners, via telephone and direct personal contact.

To supervise Decontamination Technicians, support employees about training requirements, appraisals, and to ensure that all staff members carry out their duties in accordance with rules and procedures.

Operate in compliance with the department’s standard operating procedures and the ISO 13485:2016 quality management system.

This position requires shift work over a four-day period on a rolling two-week schedule between 21.00 and 7.30 on Monday and Friday and 21.30 and 7.30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There will be a requirement for weekend work and bank holidays, which will be rostered fairly.

As and when required, the candidate will be required to supervise and assign tasks. Also, the candidate will be required to gather tools from several trust departments and personally clean them before putting them in washer disinfectors. They will need to promptly pack and store instruments, keep an eye on the load of the wash cycle, and quality-check things.

Being a healthcare provider and one of Stockport’s biggest employers, we occupy a special place in the community.

Making a difference every day is our goal. Our core principles are compassion, respect, and active listening.

The best organizations, in our opinion, are those that accurately represent the communities they serve. So, we are working to increase the diversity of our team in order to better reflect the local population.

No matter your race, age, disability, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or philosophy, marriage or civil partnership, or pregnancy or motherhood, we actively urge you to apply. In recognition of the underrepresented communities in our workforce, we would especially appreciate applications from you.

We acknowledge the significance of flexible working. We treat all requests for flexible working carefully, and we make every effort to collaborate with you so we can determine whether your request might be in line with the needs of the service.

The fantastic package of benefits we provide to you includes the following in addition to the role’s salary:

● About 27 to 33 days of yearly leave plus holidays

● Membership in the NHS Pension Scheme

● Salary sacrifice programs for leasing automobiles, home equipment, and more are available to help you stretch your dollar.

● NHS Employee Discounts

● bicycle-to-work program

● Salary finance: advice on managing debt, loans, savings, and budgeting

● For information on local finances, contact Stockport Credit Union.

Main Responsibilities and Duties

● to prioritize and assign each department’s workload to the workers under their control in order to organize the efficient and successful functioning of the daily production processes

● Using every section of the department, prepare goods and services for customers

● Manage departmental workers, modifying schedules to ensure staffing levels are appropriate for the workload.

● to help with the delivery of clean materials to the theater, the wards, and other departments

In order to guarantee that all urgent requests are fulfilled, and that all turnaround times and contractual obligations are met

● To perform routine tests and operate machinery, such as washers, storage cabinets, and other pertinent equipment, in line with the planned preventative maintenance schedule, quality standards, and guidance.

● Be open to learning and improvement

● To respond politely and helpfully to questions from users and other healthcare professionals, seeking out the expertise of scientific personnel when needed.

● to perform tasks as necessary, in line with the responsibilities of the grade and the requirements of the service.

● if calls come in during production, to speak with users on the phone. Please direct any questions to the manager or deputy manager.

● help with the internal audit of the department.

● to perform general housekeeping and desk cleaning (s)

● to take part in the department’s training program for decontamination qualifications

● To handle any reported faulty equipment in accordance with the guidelines

● To support and help the management team with the testing protocols as outlined in the applicable HTM’S

● to attend monthly Supervisor meetings to make sure that the group’s goals are being accomplished

● after completing the necessary training on a variety of pertinent systems, to operate the computer system as necessary.

● To adhere to all guidelines established by management, including those pertaining to health and safety, and to represent the Department at all times while wearing the appropriate uniform.

● Any extra tasks that may occasionally be required within the purview of a Sterile Services Dept.

Candidates who need Tier 2 sponsorship to work in the UK are welcome to apply, and their applications will be taken into consideration along with those of other candidates. However, if an EU/EEA candidate is available who is appropriately qualified, experienced, and talented, non-EEA applicants may not be recruited because it is unlikely that they would pass the UK Border Agency’s Resident Labour Market Test in these circumstances. Visit the UK Border Agency website for more details on this test.

After a UK Border Agency statement on December 23, 2010, applications for Tier 1 that originate from outside are no longer being considered. Applications for this position, which require Tier 1 status, therefore cannot be handled.

As soon as enough applications are received, this job posting will be closed. To minimize disappointment, prospective applicants are urged to submit their applications as soon as possible. No prior applicants are required to apply.