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September 13, 2022
£40.000 - £45.000 / year

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Urgent job in the UK for foreigners with visa sponsors, we want to hire an attentive cleanser to join our team. In this position, you will be asked for the surface of dust, vacuum and shipping floors, and clean windows. Cleansers must also be able to remove stains from various surfaces.




To be successful as a cleanser, you must be able to complete the assigned task in the specified period. In the end, the best performing cleaners must be physically appropriate and able to do with minimal supervision




Main responsibility:


Responsibility includes but will not be limited to:



Various cleaning tasks that work with national cleaning standards ensure a safe environment that is safe for service users and clients.









The task of cleaning in the clinical area includes, sucking dust, mopping, floor cleaning, moist dust, low-level dust, high-level dust, bed cleaning, curtain change, infection and out-break cleaning ensures that cleanliness is high standard.




To carry out good hand and personal hygiene procedures at any time, following Covid-19, infection control, and coshh policies and procedures.





To serve/ help with food users, snacks, and drinks, collect and pwash cutlery and glassware.



Make sure the quality of food, quantity, temperature, and waste procedures are followed.


You will feel valued as a cleanser in the HCRG care group, receiving access to prizes and exclusive benefits including:


£ 18525 with a group retirement

Free tea, coffee and milk at your base location

Membership of my gift hub gives you access to discounts for daily purchases such as shopping for food ingredients and cashback offers and vouchers for treats for you and those who are special for you





Access to your wages when you get it to help cover emergencies and avoid the cost of cup or high interest rate










Online assistance and face to face with your mental and physical welfare-from healthy recipes and challenges of activities to post-trauma, legal, debt, and life management assistance, as well as career guidance and counseling


Access to Elearning, career paths ordered first, and opportunities for sustainable professional development through our learning team and ‘extraordinary’ development team, learning companies


*Open and fair culture where you are encouraged to have and implement ideas that can help us provide our goals: Change life through changing health and care – supported by at least £ 100,000 funding ringfenced innovation every year


*The pride of working for organizations that are committed to the highest clinical and quality standards: with 100% of our measurable service has a “good” or “extraordinary” rating from the Quality Care Commission








About the company:


We change life by changing health and care.


We are one of the leading independent health and care service providers in the UK, working with health and care commissioners and the community to change services with focus on experience, efficiency, and better results.


We provide and change adult and child -child community health services, primary maintenance services including emergency care, sexual health, dermatology, and MSK services as well as social maintenance services and adult welfare. Throughout Britain, we support the community of millions of people and directly help more than half a million people every year – guided by our simple values: we care, we think, we do.


We are committed to the same opportunity and welcome the application of various people who want to join our team. We are a commitment company that is committed to confidence, so we try to provide facilities, adjustment of the work environment, and technical solutions for everyone.


Although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes the role is very popular, and we have to close it earlier than the date we show here. If you want to join our team, we want to hear from you, so please apply as soon as possible.


As you expect, protect and protect children, young people and vulnerable adults who work with us are the most important so that we have policies and procedures to promote safer protection and work practices, and everyone who joins with The team is subject to a safer recruitment process, including disclosure of criminal records and examinations.


Finally, we need to tell you that the company where you work is part of the HCRG Care Group Holdings Limited and by applying for this job, we need to process and save information about you. If you want to know more about how we use your information, please see our website’s privacy policy.









Interview questions for Cleaner:


Tell me about yourself and why do you want to be a cleanser?

Why do you want to work for us who are cleaner?

How do you plan your job as a cleanser and how do you ensure your cleaning according to the required standards?

How long do you need to clean a small office about 10 feet 12 feet?

What are your biggest weaknesses?

Tell me the main task that you will have as a cleanser?

Which aspects are the cleanest you like the most, and which one do you think is frustrated the most?

What is the best job you have ever done as a cleanser?

We want to hire a flexible cleanser and adapt easily. Tell me time when you are flexible in a previous work situation?

What time are you available for work?

What’s your strength?

Tell me time when you go out of your way to help your employer?

What will you do if you clean the house with another cleanser and you see them stealing things from


Tell me the steps you will follow to ensure your work as a cleanser consistently with high standards?

Tell me time when you receive constructive feedback or criticism from managers or supervisors?

That’s the end of your clean interview, do you have the question you want to ask?