Newly Qualified Nurse Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship

June 9, 2023
£27.1 - £32.9 / year

Job Description

Job description

Do you now hold a nursing degree that you recently received after completing your undergraduate studies in the UK, or will you be registering with the NMC within the next 12 months as a student nurse?

The following divisions of freshly qualified nurses are available for hire:



Specialties Related to Cancer

Prospects for rotation between departments

Realise your potential at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust, the only organisation in Europe with Magnet® and ANCC Pathway to Excellence® certified hospitals, and rated “outstanding” for care by the CQC.

There are numerous options at NUH to find the ideal career for you. We are a busy, acute trust that offers our newly qualified nurses, midwives, and operating department practitioners the chance to learn new skills and provide care for a range of patients.

If you are selected to be shortlisted, you will have the chance to:

Attend a NUH Recruitment Event for an interview; upcoming dates-

May 13th, July 15th, and November 11th

Shortlisting will be finished in advance of subsequent events because this is a rolling advertisement.

Please keep an eye out for advertisements from other departments at our recruitment events in 2023.

Main responsibilities of the job

Determine the patients’ needs for treatment and create an evidence-based practise care plan that is evaluated and modified as necessary without direct supervision.

to maintain clinical competency through required training and CPD.

To ensure accurate and timely documentation of all evaluations and services given

Maintain open lines of communication with patients, their family members, and the MDT.

Utilise NUH evidence-based rules and guidelines to maintain professional understanding of the EBP utilised and to ensure the safety of care.

Working for our company

As a freshly licenced nurse, NUH can provide the following to you:

  • A group from the Institute of Care Excellence giving possibilities for career counselling, continuing professional education, and development, including as preceptorship programmes, acute care skills courses, rotational programmes, resilience-focused clinical supervision, and clinical academic careers.

  • access to the largest shared governance project in the UK, which has over 80 staff councils at the ward level, empowering our people and fostering an innovative culture.

  • An ambitious and progressive professional setting, known for enabling nurses, midwives, and theatre professionals to take the lead and innovate.

  • employing research and evidence-based practise to promote compassionate care and nursing science.

  • Our nursing teams have the chance to collaborate on improvement initiatives that are co-produced with patients who utilise our services and were finalists for the Patient Experience Network National Award in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Main tasks and a thorough job description

The position holder must have recently finished their undergraduate degree and be registered with the NMC with a PIN, or they must finish their undergraduate degree within the next 12 months.

Please list rotation as your top preference in your application if you are interested in chances for rotation.


The main duties are listed in the job description that is provided.

  • In all divisions of NUH, a sizable acute teaching hospital, there are possibilities to advance critical skills.

  • At NUH, we are happy to be able to provide a helpful preceptorship time to all newly qualified nurses. This programme, which is run by the Trust’s practise education team, consists of the following:

  • Preceptorship Induction provides access to the preceptorship portfolio as well as an introduction to preceptorship at NUH.

  • A five-day course called “Acute Care Skills” teaches students how to identify deteriorating patients, provide care, and escalate it in a safe and timely manner.

  • A one-day study session focusing on steps to guarantee the safe administration of medications is called a “medicine safety study day.”

Rotation opportunities: This choice is offered to freshly licenced nurses who want to expand their clinical knowledge. Prior to the start date, rotation preferences will be reviewed with a member of the practise education team to ensure appropriate allocations.

All nurses who enrol in the rotation programme have access to resilience-focused clinical supervision meetings, which offer the chance to discuss experiences in a private, secure setting with other recently graduated nurses.

Monthly career chats are held at NUH to discuss career prospects. Participants can also receive one-on-one clinical supervision sessions with a member of the practise education team that are resilience-focused or request assistance with role-related packages at this event.

Preceptorship promise: To support this function and ensure that all preceptors are aware of their responsibilities when helping colleagues, a preceptorship promise has been developed. All newly trained nurses will be assigned a preceptor within the clinical area.

Person Specification


Essential requirements

  • NMC registered with a PIN and committed to finishing their undergraduate degree in the UK within a year.


Essential requirements

  • Providing care for a number of patients
  • supervision of students and staff who are not registered
  • capable of managing medications


Essential requirements

  • communication skills both in writing and speaking that are successful
  • Show off your IT skills.

Desirable Criteria

  • properly formatted and worded application form

Organisational and planning abilities

Essential requirements

  • ability to prioritise one’s own work and care
  • the capacity to adapt to changing needs

Physical aptitudes

Essential requirements

  • able to utilise medical technology
  • capable of performing manual handling techniques

Come as you are to work for us at NUH. We adore diversity, and we respect your individuality, abilities, knowledge, and life experiences. By joining our team, you might reach your full potential and contribute to improving our efficiency in providing top-notch healthcare to the many patient populations we serve.

Since we are currently underrepresented at NUH, we especially encourage submissions from people who identify as Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, or Disabled.

The greatest method of preventing the Covid-19 virus from infecting you, your loved ones, your coworkers, and our patients and service users is to be vaccinated. We will keep urging both our existing and prospective coworkers to get immunised. Visit for helpful tips and details on the Covid-19 vaccination and how to acquire it.

Closing Date : In order to avoid disappointment, please submit your application form as soon as you can. If we get enough completed applications, we reserve the right to close positions before the indicated closing date.

All correspondence on your application will be sent to the email address you have supplied. Please make sure to regularly check your email account, especially the rubbish folder.

Easy read application: If you have a handicap and are having trouble filling out our online application form, you can apply via our easy read application, which is available on the intranet at

Compensation: For part-time employees, the mentioned compensation will be applied pro rata.

Disability Confidence: Those who have disclosed a disability and who also meet the requirements for the position will all be shortlisted.

If they meet the key requirements of the person specification, NHS employees in the East Midlands who are “at risk” of being laid off will be given the opportunity to interview first.

Visa for Skilled : We accept applications from anyone who need a visa for a skilled worker in accordance with Home Office guidelines. If a sufficiently qualified and skilled UK/SETTLED candidate is successful at the interview stage, NON-UK/NON SETTLED candidates may not be selected because it is doubtful that the Trust will be able to meet the Home Office Visa requirements.

ID and right to work checks: NUH uses a system called Trust ID to validate all ID and right to work documents, including passports, visas, and driving licences. At your face-to-face ID visit, NUH will scan your ID and any supporting papers for your permission to work into the Trust ID system. The system will do a check against your documentation’s major security elements. The system will give us the results of your check, which we will securely save alongside the other pre-employment check documents in your personal file.

Transfer of Information: If I have prior NHS experience, I give my agreement for my Electronic Staff Record (ESR) data to be transferred between this NHS Trust and others. Additionally, I agree that the Occupational Health Department may privately obtain my occupational health records from either my current or past employer to verify that I am up to date on any necessary immunisations, vaccines, and screening tests for the position. Prior to me starting my job at NUH, I accept that this is an automated procedure and that the information will only be used for these purposes.

Disclosure and the Bureau of Reparations: Your job may be subject to a DBS check, which could cost up to £21.90 for a normal check and up to £41.90 for an advanced check. I consent to deduct the cost of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check from my first month of salary and reimburse Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust if one is necessary. If I choose to reject my employment offer, I agree to pay Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust the cost of the DBS check by check or another mutually agreed-upon means.