Two Truck Driver Job in Canada

September 17, 2022
£17 - £25 / hour

Job Description

Complete job description


● Overcome customer complaints or concerns

● College of coach about new methods or work techniques

● Professionalism in customer service

● Drive lighter, special destination truck

● Loading and unpacking goods

● Oversee the condition of the vehicle and check tires, lights, brakes, cold storage and other equipment

● Pay and receive payment of goods

● Do the brake adjustment

● Do pre-travel, on the way and post-travel inspection and oversee all aspects of the vehicle

● Perform preventive maintenance

● Receive and convey information to Central Dispatch

● Record of cargo information, service hours, distance traveled and fuel consumption

● Installed and ensuring cargo safety and security

● Fix and balance the tires

Certificate, license, membership, and course

● Class 5/5F/G License (Car, Small Truck and other 2-Poros Vehicles)

Security and safety

● Can be bound

● Driver validity license examination

Working conditions and physical abilities

● Attention to details

● Handling heavy loads

● Large workload

● Overtime is needed

● Demand physically

● Repeated task

● Sit down

Personal suitability

● Efficient interpersonal skills

● Very good oral communication

● Excellent written communication

● Flexibility

● Consideration

● Organized

● Reliability

● Team player

Green job

● Involving duties and responsibilities that lead to positive environmental outcomes

Workplace information

● Long distance work available

Playback question

● Are you available for shift or on-call jobs?

● Are you currently legally working in Canada?

● Do you currently live near the advertised location?

● Do you have previous experience in this field of work?

Financial benefits

● According to mutual agreement

● Commission

Long -term benefits

● Other benefits

Other benefits

● Learning/training is paid by the employer

● Opportunities to build a team