Motor Mechanic International Sponsorship Available

January 10, 2024
£27 - £27 / year

Job Description






1. Examine the vehicle’s engine and mechanical/electrical components to precisely diagnose problems.

2. Examine vehicle computers and electronic systems in order to repair, maintain, and update them.

3. Perform routine maintenance (changing fluids, lubricating parts, etc.) with the goal of improving vehicle functionality and lifetime.

4. Schedule future maintenance sessions and inform drivers on proper vehicle operation.

5. Repair or replace broken or defective parts and resolve problems (for example, leaks).

6. Provide accurate estimates for a repair or maintenance operation (cost, time, and effort).

7. Maintain work and issue logs.

8. Keep equipment and tools in good working order.




1. A minimum of one year of experience in the automotive industry.

2. Certification equal to A-Level/HSC.

3. Certificate of completion of a trade course.

4. International applicants must have an IELTS score of at least 4.5.