Software Engineer Sponsorship Available

January 9, 2024
£35 - £45 / year

Job Description


Role Overview:

We are searching for a motivated senior software developer to join our R&D software development team. The group supports a wide range of software (desktop/mobile/web) that communicates with our industrial automation devices and provides our users with a rich, modern environment in which to configure and diagnose our products.

The chosen candidate will join a team of 8 in-house developers, working in a fast-paced development environment where you will be designing rich Xamarin screens for our mobile app as well as debugging low level communication channels.


The following are the primary tasks of the successful candidate:


  • Creating tooling for our industrial automation equipment on desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Typical applications will include setup and monitoring tools, as well as the creation of programming IDEs for our clients to utilise with motion control applications.


  • As part of our R&D team, you will suggest, implement, and review new designs and code for user interfaces and backend software components.


  • Write code that is clean, efficient, and effective.


  • Contribute to test strategies and write test cases for nightly automated runs, as well as collaborate with the independent test group to troubleshoot any issues that arise.


Essential Skills


  • .NET, C#, WPF


  • You will be working in cross-functional teams to synchronise development activities across the business, therefore you must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


  • An interest in software development and a desire to work in a team of developers to guarantee that products are implemented and tested to ensure that they perform properly.


  • The ability to lead significant software projects and assist in the development of junior engineers is critical to our success.


Desirable Skills


  • C++, Xamarin, ASP.NET, MVC


  • Python and PowerShell


  • TFS, Azure DevOps


  • HTML technologies like as Ionic and Blazor are examples.


  • Previous familiarity with electronics, hardware, and custom protocols is required.




  • Salary, bonus, and benefits package includes company pension, birthdays as a holiday, and flexitime are competitive.


  • We can provide complete development, including training and progression to Chartered Engineer rank.


  • .Can provide sponsorship to the appropriate applicant