Canada truck drivers visa sponsorship jobs(10 vacancies)

September 18, 2022
£24 - £25 / hour

Job Description

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● Loading and unpacking goods

● Oversee the condition of the vehicle and check tires, lights, brakes, cold storage and other equipment

● Do the brake adjustment

● Perform an emergency road repair

● Do pre-travel, on the way and post-travel inspection and oversee all aspects of the vehicle

● Receive and convey information to Central Dispatch

Documentation knowledge

● Driver Book

● Inspection Report (Pre-travel, En-Rute, Post-Trip)

Communication system experience

● Operate GPS (Global Position Determination System) and other navigation equipment

Transportation/Travel Experience

● Local

● Long-term

● Province/territorial

Security and safety

● Driver validity license examination

● Driving record examination (abstract)

Transportation/Travel Information

● Driving a manual transmission vehicle

● Travel costs paid by the employer

● Valid SIM

● Willing to travel cross -border

● Willing to travel for a long time

● Willing to travel all night

Playback question

Are you currently legally working in Canada?

Long -term benefits

● Other benefits