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September 15, 2022
£80.000 - £90.000 / year

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Canada is one of the most sought-after locations for international migrants and people who are looking for LMIA work. This beautiful nation provides opportunities to live, work, study, travel, and vacation in a beautiful environment. The Canadian Federal Government also offers a variety of welfare, education and health care programs for all residents, immigrants, and international skilled workers. As a result, Canada is a goal sought for young professionals, trained young people, foreign graduates, and very talented employees.


One of the most certain methods to immigrate to Canada is to get a job that has been approved by the work market impact work (LMIA) or LMIA jobs. Sometimes it is referred to as an LMIA work permit because it guarantees the possibility of work for applicants who meet the requirements in Canada for the specified time period. LMIA job vacancies in Canada allows individuals who meet the requirements to work for Canadian companies in certain provinces or regions for LMIA work.

Name of employer: Canadian job bank
Position: Various
Number of Vacancies: 357800
Salary: $ 75240.00- $ 178400.00 per month
Type of employment: full time
Location: Canada


LMIA work

  1. Commercial truck driver

Salary range: average $ 45,825 to $ 77,903.

Canadian vital industries, such as agriculture, oil and gas, minerals and metals, forestry, and the petrochemical sector, are all very dependent on the state transportation system. With an industry that grows at an extraordinary level, it is not surprising that truck drivers are one of the most LMIA jobs in Canada’s request at this time-and will continue to be time to go in LMIA work.

The special immigration flow for experienced truck drivers with Canadian work experience is available in almost every province in Canada. Some areas even offer reliable immigration flow only for truck drivers with Canadian work experience. In general, you will ask LMIA to get a work permit for the position of the truck driver; However, at present, due to critical deficiencies of workers in certain vital industries, the government has allowed Canadian entrepreneurs to employ workers who do not have LMIA to ease the tension in the economy for LMIA work.

The need for foreign employees to isolate themselves for at least two weeks before work begins to be upheld, even though they will be valued with $ 1,500 to install them until their first payment arrives.


Agricultural manager

Salary range: average $ 35,939 to $ 49,286.

As said before, the agricultural industry is one of the most profitable industries in Canada, and this country always needs skilled agricultural workers and agricultural supervisors. This is very prosperous in the Canadian agriculture sector, which includes animal production and seeds, horticulture, and aquaculture production. The Canadian manufacturing industry supports more than 2.3 million people throughout the country, and the need for workers who meet the requirements continues to increase. This is one of the reasons why there are so many immigration and worktreams that are explicitly designed for skilled agricultural workers in the United States for LMIA work.

Agri-Pangan Pilot program, Rural and North Immigration Pilot Program, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot, as well as other PNP flows, all are an excellent alternative to applying for permanent residences in Canada, which means you will not be asked to get a Canadian work permit . However, if your work is only temporary, you must apply for a job visa.

3. Someone who gives treatment

Salary range: average $ 31,955 to $ 58,000.

When the Canadian population continues to get older and the birth rate decreases, more and more caregivers are available to be filled by foreign citizens. Apart from previous work experience, the new caregiver program allows home support and professional care for children to live and work in Canada if they meet the necessary education and language criteria and have legal job offers in Canada for LMIA work.
You will meet the requirements to apply for a permanent residence in Canada after getting a 24 -month work experience in this country.


4. Software Developers and Engineers

Salary range: average $ 75,596 to $ 102,000.

Job opportunities in the technology sector will always be highly in demand in Canada, which is generally considered as one of the world leaders in the field of technical innovation. In Canada, the technology industry employs less than one million people, with cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa ranked among the 20 top cities in the world to develop technology talent in North America. Artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, and, of course, software development is the most in -demand skills in the technology market, which is why your work is very important in Canada for LMIA work.

If you want to stay and work in Canada as software engineers, British Columbia and Alberta are the best places to consider. The two provinces include software engineers as a profession requested under their provincial candidate program. British Columbia even has its own technological pilot program that you can apply for, with a short amount of processing two to three months! If you send your application via Alberta Inp, you will get a response in just six months.


5. Project Manager in the Construction Industry

Salary range: average $ 92,240 to $ 142,000.

Canada has a large number of construction work, especially in provinces -provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, which not only identify construction managers as high demand under the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) but also has some of the most important development projects that are the most important significantly they are planned for the future for LMIA work.

According to, new projects are concentrated, especially in the housing sector (almost one third of all new construction). Canada is preparing to accommodate 1.23 million people invited to apply for permanent residences at the end of 2023.


6. drilling in the oil and gas industry

Salary range: average $ 67,394 to $ 103,594.

Canada has a large number of natural resources. In the last decade, the mining industry has produced more than 1.7 million jobs for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and high qualified international employees. Energy resources are exported to 148 countries worldwide by Canada, which has the fourth largest proven oil reserves in the world for LMIA work.

Oil and gas drills are in great demand in Ontario and British Columbia. If you apply through one of the provincial nomination programs, such as BC PNP or OINP, you will not be asked to get a work permit because you will be given permanent residency if you receive a provincial nomination, which is worth 600 permanent permanent residences if you remain permanent. points in each province


.7. Practical Nurses Licensed

Salary range: average $ 80,126 to $ 94,322.

In recent years, the medical industry has been under extraordinary pressure; However, Canada has long been in need of skilled and competent health care workers. LMIA Jobs Canada is a registered nurse and a general practitioner, with nurses registered among the most sought -after positions in this country.

You will be able to choose between working for the government or private health care institution, both of which provide very good benefits for their employees. Those who work for the Canadian Medicare system under LMIA work, for example, can look forward to the annual leave of 15 days for the first year of work (1,950 hours of service), with an increase in the number of working years.
At the same time, you will be entitled to 15 days of illness and 15 days of pregnancy or parental leave, which you will get 93 percent of your weekly wages! In addition to other very good facilities, you will qualify for the public service health care plan. Bonus: If you study at DLI in Canada and have a Canadian student loan, you might be eligible for student debt forgiveness up to $ 20,000 for five years if you study at DLI there.


8. Developer and web designer

Salary range: average $ 80,126 to $ 94,322.

Web designers are not only in demand but the need is expected to grow in the future because more and more online platforms are expected to appear in the coming years, increasing demand. Canada has recognized the need for skilled technology experts and has established several ways to find work in this country. For special professions and very skilled individuals, paths such as the flow of global talent allow them to get their work visas in just two weeks for LMIA work ..

The BC Tech pilot program and the increasingly popular expression entry method are both available for immigration.


9. Electricity

Salary range: average $ 66,300 to $ 84,088.

The construction industry will require various workers, including electric artisans and managers and supervisors. Lack of electricity that meet the current requirements affects six Canadian provinces. These provinces include Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick; Northwestern region; and Yukon. Programs such as the Federal Trading Program, which are managed with express entries, several provincial candidate programs, and Atlantic Immigration Pilots can also be available for you if you meet the requirements for permanent residences in Canada for LMIA work.

Atlantic immigration pilots may be an excellent opportunity for you if you like coastal life and small cities. Because the employer does not need to have an LMIA, you will move faster through immigration procedures.

10. Civil Engineers

Salary range: average $ 66,843 to $ 102,000.

Civil Engineering is another field where there are critical deficiencies in Canada. It is possible to get a very competitive salary with better work benefits as a permanent Canadian population. However, you will also be able to take advantage of the high standard of living enjoyed by Canadians, such as free health care and education for your children, as well as other benefits.

What kind of work is covered by LMIA?

This LMIA job. Involving the following:

Engineers, technical professionals, creative artists and performances, and others who work for themselves are included in this category. Workers who have been transferred to business (intra-company transfer with special expertise)-only those whose talents and experiences will help Canada.

How many lmia returns you?

Application costs for LMIA demand have increased from $ 275 per worker to $ 1000 per worker, a significant increase from the previous $ 275 per worker cost for LMO. The new LMIA system streamlins the process of categorizing and classifying work. The next job will be divided into only two categories: Those who get high salaries and those who get low income for LMIA work.

Is it possible to get homework if I have an LMIA?

An individual who receives a positive LMIA for a regulated job offer does not immediately qualify for immigration to Canada. The Immigration Procedure for Ekspres requires talented foreign workers to meet all criteria to become permanent residents before being accepted in the country.



Candidates must be fluent in English

There are no standard educational requirements such as bachelor’s degree, certificate, or diploma.

Previous experience in the agricultural industry is not mandatory.




I hope you have insight into various LMIA jobs. Start applying for a job except very late because of the world