General Labour Jobs in Canada

September 26, 2022
£20 - £24 / hour

Job Description

Complete job description

Why Untech?

● We remain loyal to our core values

● Our core focus is a collaborative construction using our proven process

● Security is our top priority

● Our goal is to employ for the long term and support the growth of our employees

● We have a fair, fun and firm work culture.

Compensation package

Unitch offers generous compensation packages:

● $ 20 – $ 24 per hour depends on experience

● Health expenditure account for benefits

100% tuition replacement through our skills & development program

Job Title: Worker Location: North Cowichan, BC Type of Position: Full time

Main Job Responsibilities

● Clean the project site as needed

● Install, and release the shape of concrete, scaffolding, sloping, catwalk, and barricade at the construction site

● Mixing, pouring, and spreading ingredients

● Remove debris and other debris at construction sites using, garu, shovels, carts, and other equipment

● Do other activities at the construction site, as directed

● Working inside/outdoors when in closeness to other trade.

Main qualifications

● Self -motivation, creative thinking, organized, and efficient

● Good and good oral and written English communication skills

● The ability to work independently effectively and also with the team

● Good hand eye coordination, good physical fitness, manual agility, and a sense of balance.

How to apply

Send a copy of your latest resume and our HR department will review your qualifications.

Please note that only elected applicants will be contacted.

All applicants who meet the requirements will receive consideration for work without paying attention to race, color, ancestors, places of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age.