Canada drivers jobs for foreigners

September 14, 2022
£5.000 - £6.000 / month

Job Description

First of all, we treat our professional drivers just as we treat our customers. That is, we focus on their needs and find ways to help and provide value to them. We do this because it is the right thing to do, but we also realize that the sender and experienced driver have many choices. We want to be a company that the sender and driver want to do.

We are a company that is managed by the family and has built a successful and rapidly developing business by treating people properly.

Agri-Fresh is a special cooler carrier. We only move fresh products from California and Arizona, to Canadian grasslands.

We are proud to give fresh and healthy every day, and because we are a specialist, there are many benefits for our drivers. Instead of making many choices and drops throughout the day, or even day after day, our driver leaves Winnipeg and does not touch their burden until they reach their goals. This means that your time is released to do what you like … Driving a lot of MIL!

It should be mentioned that the path of Canadian grasslands to California and Arizona are some of the most beautiful and fun routes in our industry. Plan your reset to take advantage of the beauty and adventures offered by California and Arizona – especially in winter!

We employ men and women with experiences that can be compared several years. If you want to join our family, here are the requirements:


● Have a Class 1A SIM with a minimum one -year articulation experience.

● Able to enter the United States.

● Enjoy driving for a long time, around fourteen to twenty -one days at once.

● Enjoy planning your schedule and route, using Atlas, E-Logs, and other travel planning aids.

● Having a mountain driving experience because it is considered an asset.

● Has a clear criminal record.

● Have an abstract driver with three or fewer violations.

● Is a very good communicator.

If selected, you will enter the Agri-Fresh In-house training program. This program is designed for you and usually 2 to 3 days, depending on your experience.

Here are the details for our compensation & benefits packages:

● Basic tariff $ 0.47 per mile

● After completing the first year it increased to $ 0.52 per mile.

● Assigned trucks – no one will drive your unit when you take a few days off.

● However, an average of 11,000 miles per month, many drivers are full time rising to over 13,000 miles per month.

● All pick and drop are paid $ 20.00 – $ 40.00.

● All border crossings loaded pay $ 10.00.

● Detention, stopover, and postpone payment.

● The UP chain pays $ 50.00.

● Washout Trailer $ 10.00.

● After three months of work, we offer a health allowance package (medical, dental, disability & life insurance)

● Pay a two -week vacation by 4%, after one year of work.

● Agri-Fresh is an employer of the same opportunity, and we invite all applicants who are interested in registering.